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The cover photos I drew them, so I own them!

Skillet Quotes:

"I don't always raise my hands, but when I do, it's 'cause I'm sick of it."- Me

"The solution in any predicament is to always kill it with Skillet." - Me

"ba da bop bop boooop, oh wait that's McDonlds"- John Cooper

"Note to self, the Doggy rocks."- John Cooper

"I am a PEANUT!" - John Cooper

"From the Fire that burns inside, consuming me! I fight to stay alive, but I cant breathe!" -Madness in Me

"Let's put the Kill It in Skillet," Ban Kasica

"Fountain Dr. Pepper is my favorite thing in the world next to Jesus and my family,"- John Cooper

"Falling in the Black! Slipping through the cracks, falling to the depths, can I ever go back?"- Falling Inside The Black

"Blow stuff up for Jesus!"- John Cooper

"I'm awesome, and I don't even care."- John Cooper

"Does anyone have any duct tape? 'Cause I'm ripped!"- John Cooper

""If I had seven trucks, I'd have one with Dr. pepper. Nothing but Dr. pepper. Maybe the second one would be nothing but workout equipment for after I drink all the Dr. pepper. And maybe some PEANUTS. And then my third truck would be nothing but pyrotechnics 'cause I love to blow stuff up!" -John Cooper

"Bum water. It's water for your bum." -Jen Ledger

"We're gonna rock the universe. Or at least part of it." -Ben Kasica

"The Doggy likes it. I bet Dr. pepper himself would like it. The Duck." -John Cooper

"Is this the new Skillet podcast? Sweet. I always wanted to be on the internet."-Brandon form Decyfer Down

"Are you ready to rock Fargo? That's something you don't get to say too often in your whole life. Especially not when there's a toilet flushing in the background." -John Cooper

"Get her flowers and chocolate and she's yours, man." -Korey Cooper

"My daughter already asked me twice today, 'Please don't shave your beard 'cause I like it.' And I said, 'You know what, panheads come first.' I didn't really say that." -John Cooper

"Hey it looks like a Skillet show. Doesn't it? But ours is better. Our pyro is way better than that."- Seth Morrison

Interviewer: "What's the first thing people will notice at a Skillet concert?"

John: "They're gonna see Jen, that's usually the first thing people notice is a pretty girl playing drums"

Interviewer: "What about that guitarist?"

John: "I'm not saying he's not pretty...OH THE OTHER GUITARIST"

Wow, that was a lot of John Cooper... oh well, anything John says instantly becomes epic!

Re-Post this if you are a Panhead or a Peanut

You know you’re a Panhead (Skillet Fan) When…

1) You check YouTube every day for new Skillet Podcasts

2) You get really excited when you see the word skills because you think it says Skillet

3) The only soda you drink now is Dr. Pepper

4)You listen to Skillet 24/7

5) If you are not listening to Skillet, you are singing one of their songs

6) You know every Skillet song

7) You try to convince your parents to take you to the ‘Rock and Worship’ Concert even though it is in a city 2 hours away, and doesn’t happen for 2 months

8)Your mom tells you to ‘turn down that song’ even though you are using headphones, and then your dad asks your mom ‘hasn’t she listened to this song multiple times before’ and your mom sighs and nods her head, but you barely hear a thing because you a rocking out to Monster

9) You announce to the world in your loudest voice that you are a peanut

10) You want to go to Tokyo just to call people Japanheads, and see how many people know what you are talking about

11) You can work Skillet lyrics into every conversation, and you do it so much, your friends (who are not Skillet fans) know what Skillet song you are referring to

12) You shorten sushi, coffee, movie, awesome, and wicked awesome to sush, coff, mov, awe, and wic awe

13) When you randomly quote Skillet podcasts

14) Your motto is, “Kill it with Skillet”

15) You want to add to this list

Where else you can find me:

Fanfiction: Key of Destiny4ever, LovetheLionKing

Moe can change: Skillet fan girl

If you like lemons check out my other user Live in the Light

Skillet's website: Kill it with Skillet

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Things you should know about me:

I'm a Christian, if you want to know about Jesus PM me.

I stink at seplling.

I like the color pink and purple also green

I live in New Hampshire

I have disabilites, don't make fun of me!

I'm a female

I love Skillet!

Birthday: 8/22/95

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