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I'm all over the place. But I love it.

My interests are pretty defining of my creativity and what directions I can go. I am obsessed with Asian dramas to an unhealthy degree. Mainly Korean and Thai but I dabble in Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese in that order. Because of that I am a huge fan of drama, particularly soap opera romances (guilty pleasure, what can I say?), but also historical dramas of epic proportions. I am also a HUGE Kpop fan (BAP, Big Bang, NCT, Epik High, BTS, SHINee, Svt, etc.). I'm hoping that my summer can be spent happily watching SMTM6 now that Produce 101 is over and Daniel's position as #1 is secure. Through Kpop I got interested in Korean B-boying (specifically Morning of Owl Bboy Issue is angelic).

I'm a band geek 100% so my love of instruments (regardless of my poor ability to actually play) is a huge influence to me. There are so many people in my life who have been influenced by music and I really appreciate how it can change you and bring people together. I always feel like I get really sappy and sentimental when I talk about it but I mean every word.

I actually watch very little ENGLISH television (which my friends always find ironic because I'm as white and generically Canadian as they come), but the Walking Dead has always held a special place in my heart and I would even go as far as to say I'm more invested in those characters than in my dramas. That's a really big step for me. Something about the way it's done and how it makes me view things just hits me hard. I feel so alive watching it and it makes me take a moment and consider all of these ethical dilemmas and stop to cherish and criticize humanity. That being said I find it really hard not to operate as if I'm in the apocalypse right now. Every time I see a food truck on the highway or a really nicely fenced in area I have to refrain from commenting for fear of others worrying about my mental state...I'm just really invested okay and Daryl is my favourite but Jesus is becoming a close second and I wish the Telltale characters could somehow merge because I love them both equally. Clementine is too awesome I want her to get the credit she deserves.

I also love Dragon Age. I get so into it. Everything in those games feels so real. I am forever an elf sympathizer, mages second. Origins will always be my number one but I find I'm too emotional about each game it's very hard to compare them. DA is huge inspiration for me. That epic fantasy setting is what I live for. I also played D&D with some friends for a couple years so that just fueled my love of fantasy even more, but Tieflings are my go to there.

I'm a complete nerd and spend most of my life either studying or procrastinating by indulging these interests of mine, so creativity is always fueled by either stress or these or a mixture.

I'm always looking for people who share my interests and who don't think I'm crazy for being all over the place with what I like. If you like what I write, thanks, that's pretty cool. I just want to destress but feel like I'm being productive at the same time, so any feedback is an added bonus. When it's not being marked, it is so much more satisfying.

Thanks, happy reading :)

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