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Heyo! I'm mpuppy4!

Check out my FanFiction:

Name: Em

Gender: Female

Likes: Writing, Drawing, Reading, Video Games, Anime

Dislikes: Internet Trolls, Corporate Greed



Enter Name Here

Race: -Listed Below-

Gender: Male/Female (duh)

Class: -Listed Below-

Alignment: -Listed Below-

Specialty Weapon Type: -Listed Below-

Level: 1 to 50 (Not too high, okay? Preferably no higher than 30.)

Console: PS4/3 - Xbox One/360 - Wii U - 3DS - PC

Physical Description: -insert paragraph describing character's appearance here-

Personality: -insert paragraph describing character's personality here-

You can click the [x] to see a picture. Please inform me if you discover a dead link.

Races (in alphabetical order)

If you want further information on a creature, message me!
Please note that any creature can be any alignment, regardless of what Dungeons and Dragons says.
Please don't ask about Werewolves, Wolfweres, Vampires, etc. I've decided that Lycanthropy and Vampiricy should be acquired traits, not something your character can have from the start. If you want your character to have Lycanthropy or Vampiricy, please tell me in a separate note.

-Centaur [x]
-Dragonborn [x]
-Drow [x]
-Dwarf [x]
-Elemental Kin [x] Nereid [x] Sylph [x] Pech [x] Salamander
-Elf [x]
-Gibberling [x]
-Giff [x]
-Gnoll [x] [x]
-Goblin [x]
-Gremlin [x]
-Half-Elf [x]
-Half-Orc [x]
-Halfling [x]
-Harpy [x]
-Hobgoblin [x] [x]
-Human [x] I think we all know what a human looks like.
-Kenku [x]
-Kobold [x]
-Lizardfolk [x] [x] Or any other animal-folk. [x] [x] [x]
-Minotaur [x]
-Orc [x]
-Sahuagin [x]
-Satyr [x]
-Selkie [x] [x] [x]
-Shardmind [x]
-Shifter [x] [x]
-Skeleton [x]
-Troglodyte [x]
-Wilden [x]

Don't see what you're looking for? Message me!


If you want further information on a class, message me!
Classes are separated into separate categories. You can choose two classes, but please follow the rules below.

Rules for Dual Classing: You can choose any two classes just as long as they aren't in the same category. This applies to all classes unless specifically stated otherwise.

-Barbarian [x] [x] Please note that Barbarians can not be a Lawful alignment.
-Fighter [x] [x]
-Hexblade [x] [x]
-Mercenary [x]
-Musketeer [x] [x] Please note that a Musketeer's Specialty Weapon Type must be guns.
-Paladin [x] [x] Please note that a Paladin must be either Lawful Good or Lawful Evil.
-Ranger [x] [x]
-Swashbuckler [x] [x]

Please note that no Rouges can be of a Lawful alignment.
-Assassin [x] [x]
-Bard [x] [x]
-Pirate [x] [x]
-Thief [x] [x]

-Aeromancer [x]
-Alchemist [x]
-Cryomancer [x]
-Electromancer [x]
-Hydromancer [x]
-Necromancer [x]
-Pyromancer [x]
-Sorcerer [x]
-Terramancer [x] [x]

-Cleric [x] [x]
-Dragonfire [x] [x]
-Druid [x] [x] Please note that Druids must be True Neutral.

Don't see what you're looking for? Message me!


Lawful Good - Character believes in an orderly society with a moral government and follows the rules to a tee.
Neutral Good - Character believes in a balance between law and chaos, but also that these concerns don't moderate the need for good.
Chaotic Good - Character believes in righteous virtues, but have little use for laws and regulations.
Lawful Neutral - Character believes in an organized government, whether it be tyranny or democracy.
True Neutral - Character believes in an ultimate balance between forces, and refuse to see actions as either good or evil.
Chaotic Neutral - Character believes that there is no order to anything, including their own actions.
Lawful Evil - Character believes in structure and organization to elevate those who deserve to rule.
Neutral Evil - Character believes that they themselves are the only one to concern themselves with.
Chaotic Evil - Character believes that they have the right to do whatever they want, and the weak are to be exploited.

Weapon Types

This includes a list of different weapons that your characters can use. Your characters can use more than one type, but will be best with the type you choose.

Large Swords:
-Bastard Sword [x]
-Buster Sword [x]
-Chainsword [x]
-Claymore [x]
-Katana [x]
-Khanda [x]
-Longsword [x]
-Rapier [x]
-Sabre [x]
-Scimitar [x]

Small Swords:
-Cleaver [x]
-Cutlass [x]
-Dagger [x]
-Falchion [x]
-Khopesh [x]
-Short Sword [x]
-Sickle [x]
-Tessen [x] I literally had no idea where else to place this.
-Thai Daab [x]

-Compound Bow [x]
-Longbow [x]
-Mongolian Bow [x]
-Recurve Bow [x]
-Short Bow [x]

Blunt Weapons:
-Axe [x]
-Bar Mace [x]
-Battle Axe [x]
-Club [x]
-Flail [x]
-Hammer [x]
-Mace [x]
-Nunchaku [x]
-Samoan Club [x]
-War Club [x]
-War Hammer [x]
-Whip [x] Again, nowhere else to place this.

Two Handed Weapons:
-Chigiriki [x]
-Double Hammer [x]
-Glaive [x]
-Halberd [x]
-Poleaxe [x]
-Quarterstaff [x]
-Sasumata [x]
-Sceptre [x]
-Scythe [x]
-Spear [x]
-Sugliin [x]
-Two Handed Sword [x]
-Voulge [x]

-Blowgun [x]
-Boomerang [x]
-Crossbow [x]
-Dart [x]
-Harpoon [x]
-Kunai [x]
-Light Crossbow [x]
-Shuriken [x]
-Sling [x]
-Slingshot [x]
-Throwing Disc [x]

-Fire Lance [x]
-Flamethrower [x]
-Hand Cannon [x]
-Musket [x]
-Pistol [x]
-Rifle [x]

Knuckle Weapons:
-Brass Knuckles [x]
-Buzz Gauntlet [x]
-Cestus [x]
-Clawed Gauntlet [x]
-Cross Gauntlet [x]
-Hook Sword [x]
-Katar [x]
-Knuckle Blade [x]

Chain Weapons:
-Ball and Chain [x]
-Chain Whip [x]
-Grapple [x]
-Kusarigama [x]
-Manriki [x]
-Meteor Hammer [x]
-Spiked Chain [x]

Locked and Downloaded reviews
The adventures of several player avatars in an RPG for the PS4, Wii U, Xbox One and 3DS. (Characters lightly based off of the heroes from a certain VIZ manga...) Rated T cuz blood and language. I accept OCs.
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 5,591 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 8/1/2015 - Published: 10/19/2013