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Hi, I'm OwlBeeWriter!

I change my name sometimes though, so currently it is RedMadiAvenue! Yes, I know I look retarded in my profile picture! ;)

I enjoy writing with a medieval setting rather than something more modern. It gives me more to work with I suppose.

I want to write professionally someday and I feel that this site will help me to get better at my writing. Please, feel free to review and critique my work so I can do better! :)

Anyway, my writing style is sometimes unusual. I enjoy giving the reader good idea of how bloody or violent a scene is. I always want the reader to feel what the character is feeling and want them to cheer for the hero when they triumph. For me, when I read, I guess you could say I develop a special connection with the characters and that's what I want the reader to experience when they read my stories! :D

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Hunted (Book 1 of the Beyond Trilogy) by Betrothed to the Sky reviews
Humans and supernaturals have lived in peace for centuries. But, all that changes when humans discover the people living among them, the supernaturals. Soon, the supernaturals become the hunted, as humans discover new ways to hunt down those who are different. Eva and Aria have been on the run for many years. One day, they meet a young girl with no name. What will happen now?
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Red Riding Tail
There are many like me and my brother who think ourselves as a band of rogues, stealing from the rich to feed the poor, scaring little children at night with chilling howls, breaking in your home to steal your possessions. Some of us think of ourselves as hero's while others enjoy more villainous acts. Are we myth, legend, or fairy tail? Well, you be the judge. DISCONTINUED!
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