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Geeze, it's already January and still nothing from me. Well, I currently have half a chapter done and am busy writing the finishing parts on it. Sorry, but it's been a tough couple of months, personally and writing-wise. I've been sick a lot and haven't been feeling like writing much and a brief brush with someone plagiarizing my story sent me over the edge into a massive fit of frustration/depression. I did briefly consider quitting because of it. "Need" is my baby and I don't like people trying to kidnap my baby, the baby I put so much of my heart and soul into. Luckily, Duckie, Chibi-chan, and IsleofSolitude talked me out of it and helped me to keep what's left of my sanity. Arigatou, minna! I've also started a Mirai Trunks/Rei story which I won't post until I have at least 3 chapters written so I don't subject you guys to more waiting between stories!

Hino Rei/Sailor Mars is still my absolute favorite character in the entire anime fandom so I'll read just about anything with her in it that shows her as she really is: strong, loving, devoted, talented and feisty! I love any pairing with her in it, but I do favor Rei/Heero, Rei/Trowa, Rei/Tasuki. Rei/Hotohori, Rei/Sage (Seiji), Rei/Rowan (Touma), Rei/Aya (Ran), Rei/ Ken, and Rei/Mirai Trunks pairings. Rei/Wufei pairings have to be written very well for me to give them a chance since I really think they're more like brother and sister than anything else. I like Rei paired with most characters, but they have to be written well and they better have a good reason to pair them up. I hate it when characters get paired because of something superficial, like they're both leaders. (Yes, I'm talking about Heero/Usagi stories! Blech!) I absolutely HATE Usagi/Heero stories! I honestly feel that the first time she whined or cried in front of him he would blow her head off! But that's just my opinion!

I'm a huge anime fan and like most animes or will at least give them a try. My favorites currently are Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Ronin Warriors, Rurouni Kenshin, Weiss Kreuz (Gluhen is still up for debate!), anything by CLAMP or Yu Watase, DBZ, Inu Yasha, Oh My Goddess!, Bubblegum Crisis, Bubblegum Crash, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Fruits Basket and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Subs rule!

I'm also totally supportive of non-canon couples, like Kagome/Sesshoumaru (IY), Ranma/Shampoo, Kaoru/Aoshi (RK) (I love Kaoru/Kenshin too though!), Yui/Amiboshi (FY), Yui/Nakago (FY), Yui/Hotohori (FY) (I adore Yui/Suboshi though!), Tomoyo/Eriol (CCS), Tomoyo/Touya (CCS), Utena/Touga (RGU), Tifa/Vincent (FF7), Tifa/Sephiroth (FF7), Rose/Lloyd (LoD), Trini/Jason (PR), Wonder Woman/Batman (JLA) and Jean Grey (Phoenix)/Logan (Wolverine) (X-men). As you can probably tell, I love original stuff so crossovers are awesome to me!

I also love reading comic books like Wonder Woman, Young Justice, X-Men and most manga, like Angelic Layer, Wish, X/1999, Chobits, Oh My Goddess! and Bastard. Video games take up a lot of my time, especially RPG's like Final Fantasy X and Legend of Dragoon. They cut into my writing a lot. ^_^; as do computer games like Diablo II and Icewind Dale II. I just got a PS2 for an early Christmas present from my husband and I'm a slave to it!

Authors that have totally inspired me are Angel of Mercy, Chibi-chan, The Firey, huffpuff, E-sama the Llama, Sparrow, Chelle-sama, Circee and Didi. I have over 300 stories that I count among my favorites and over 150 authors so if you don't see your name or the title of your story on my list, please rest assured that I have it on Author Alert. You just can't see it. I love reading and reviewing though I warn you now, when I review I tend to go crazy! I'll always tell you about the good things I liked in your fic but I'll also tell you where you might need work. I've been a writer for over a year now (Holy cow!) but I like to finish what I start. The Rei/Mirai Trunks story is different though. It's a little more angry and angsty so I use it as therapy! I currently have several other story ideas bursting inside my head but I'm trying to keep them bottled for right now. I have a SM/WK, a SM/DBZ, and a SM/FY story all tentatively plotted in my head, but I don't know if they'll ever see the light of day. I will let everyone know that I will never, ever write Usagi as the main character. I can't get into her head (and I don't want to) enough to write her. As is, everyone is lucky that I haven't killed her off in Need. Usagi can thank my husband, Duckie, for that.

Current Rant: If I see one more story where Usagi becomes the goddess of everything, I am going to puke! What I mean is this: so many stories out there have her becoming some sort of uber woman where she becomes the best pilot, spy, assassin, angel, or whatever. She has powers beyong imagination and everyone loves/adores/is fascinated by her at first sight. I understand that there are tons of people out there who love her. I am not one of them. However, I do not bash her in my fics (Hi, Betrayal fic writers!) nor do I make Rei, who is my favorite character, super powerful. Rei has her flaws and I try to present them as well. She's tempramental and can be judgmental at times, sometimes too blunt and harsh and I try to see that written into my fic as well. Usagi is and always has been someone who needs someone else there for her. She cannot stand alone! She tends to be unfocused and lazy, nosy and gossipy to a fault and can be too sensitive as well. Please, someone write her the way she is, as a human being who just happened to get powers! All these fics out there are about her only and she's just too powerful for me to be interested in reading about her. Give me something to sympathize with! Actually, because of all those fics, I'm really hating Usagi about now. Personally, I think she should be shredded, odangoes first. Thanks to everyone who made me this way!

Second current rant: Reviewers who are just way too harsh or are criticizing things that are personal. I have stated that I do not like Usagi/Heero stories, therefore I do not read them and I do not review them. Why then on earth do people read fics they know they will hate just so they can flame the author? Everyone writes a summary on their story so most of us know what the main theme is going to be or we can click on that "Back" button if we mistakenly stumbled into a story we find we don't like. I keep seeing reviews from people (especially in the SM/DBZ fandom) where people review stories and say this couple or that couple sucks or that DBZ is stronger than SM and how can you write a story with them together and it's getting on my nerves! There are a few certain ones especially who persist on doing this and they end up using foul language to try and get their point (what point?) across. No one forces you to read any story in this fandom or on this site! If you don't like it, don't read it!

I don't have a pic up right now, but there will be one! I just have to pick from the hundreds that I have!