Sakata Ri Houjun
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So, are that interested in who I am? Don't get too excited, I'm just your average hentai fangirl with a harem of bishies and an ecceptional grasp of syntax.
Need more information that that? Boy, aren't we pushy.
Currently I'm 21, bi in my prefrences, and work hard to sell sketches I create at a theme park. On my days off, I write so I can please the masses out there.
Here's a bit of fun trivia: My name originally came from playing D&D. I was a female monk. Can you guess who I designed my character after?
My minds swirls with endless possibilites for fics, most of them revolving around Tasuki and Chichiri as a couple, especially since I am a full supported of pre-ordained love and those two amke for the the most drop-dead sexiest couple this universe has ever seen.
I also specialize in certain beauties who have such yaoi potential but don'thave a suitable partner in their series to pair them up with, Alexander Howell and Mousse being my prime examples.
Eventually, I'd like to get around to writing either a fic about Mousse with an OC, like the one I have yet to finish with Alex, or start on one with my newest obsession, Watari from Yami no Matsuei.
Then again, there are endless possibilities with the boys from Saiyuki and WeiB Kreuz, a couple of my other favorite series.
Ah, decisions, decisions...