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Hello everyone! How are you al? Just thought I would ask, anyway, if you are reading this then I feal pitty for you because you could be doing so many other things aside from reading this. But anyway, I'm usually hyper and have time on my hands so I write fics!

1) LBH: LBH stands for Little Blue Hedgehog. He is a 2½ foot tall smart-ass little hedgehog (no relation sonic) He does everything from skiing to cheating at poker with me and my other muse. As I said, he is a smart-ass but thats the way we like him.

2) Chris: Originally the main character from my fic "Call of the Planet" he kinda grew on me. Oh before I forget, Everyone I'm not going to finish Call of the Planet. I lost my inspiration (Not to mention the written script that contained the entire story) So I'm not going to finish it. I dont even think anybody is reading it anymore so that is. If you want me to continue it...i might if i get enough reviews and/or e-mails about it. But i don't expect that to happen.

3) MY NEWEST MUSE!!!! I have gotten Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2 to come live with me and my other muses. He is actually very nice once he is off the "Take over the world" kick.

Update on me: I'm working on a new fic now!! Its about how the FF7 cast and some authors go and either maim, kill, or just stop, all the actors who are going to be in the new FF7 movie by Universal Studios. Think Jay and Silent strike back...OH, And for all you people who believe everything you read on the internet, Universal Studios is NOT I say again, NOT making a FF7 movie.
The idea is purly for my fic ONLY!!!