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I'm Sepha.

Let's get down to business, shall we? First off, I am no perfect writer (then again, nobody is). I also write the majority of my chapters on a mobile screen, so excuse any minor mistakes. I tend to overlook small things. I typically write stories that are completely drawn from anime because they inspire me to actually do stuff. When I write, I can go through a flurry of updates that are posted long as I have the motivation. So, if you enjoy one of my stories, tell me so in a review; that's all I can say, assuming you want this story to get more frequent updates.

What do I review? I only review what a story has so far, and that it has less reviews than its number of chapters. That is, unless I have something to add or the story's finished (in that case, I give a final score). Also, no ridiculously long chapters. And remember, my opinion, not yours.

How do I review?

First, I give a personal comment, letting people know where this might be going.

I then kick off by looking at three sections of the story, giving pros and cons for each:

The Setting/Concept: Is this interesting in the least? Do I like this concept?

The Characters: Do I like them? Are there noticeable flaws? Will I remember what they look like?

The Writing: Does it not piss me off? This is the most important part, yet gets messed up constantly.

This is then followed by one of four recommendations:

Screw it: Given to stories that aren't particularly interesting in the least or just aren't worth it. It's give a bit more often then it should be.

Skim it: Read if it comes up and you're bored. It isn't great, but at least it can entertain you in one way or another. There are noticeable flaws that should be addressed in stories like these. Either that or I just didn't enjoy it.

Read/Follow it: Follows are so you can continue reading the story. The ones who get this are usually interesting in the chapters they have. If I were to look at your list of alerts and see this story, I would say, "You have some pretty good tastes!" The read recommendation is a final recommendation for stories I've managed to get to the end to.

Favorite it: A rating only given to the best of the best, and those stories too important to ignore. This award is only given to stories that are complete, and have already reached the "follow it" rating in the past. Do not expect any "favorite it" recommendations from me if the story has just started or hasn't been completed.

Don't take my reviews as offensive, please. The last thing I want to do is crush someone's will to write. My apologies in advance.

What stories do I work on? I either write action-y stories, humorous stories, or both. I'm trying to get into the psychological genre, since I've been reading the Tokyo Ghoul manga.

When do I update? When my requirement of words for that certain story is filled (usually about 2100 or more words suffices).

Stories on a Long Hiatus

Skies of Connections

And that's it from me. If you're still around, here are a few of my personal comments on my stories:

1. Heaven's Genie-us - Looking for some supernatural comedy/action/kinda ecchi? Well, here ya go! New chapters are at least once a week.

2. The Bookstore Run by Dropped Characters- A comedy surrounding a bunch of submitted characters. Submitting characters that aren't gonna make cameos is prohibited now.

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Orphaned by a plane crash, Hiromu Azakawa moves to where he spent his summers, a town which he remembers nothing of. This town has a story that when love is in the air, everyone manages to find it. If two people love a person, the town splits in two so that both are happy. Hiromu doesn't believe this, but with five girls to fall in love with him, he just might wish it was true.
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The Unofficial Documents of Sins reviews
There are two worlds that parallel each other; Reality and Hell. As situations like these go, Demons invade Reality to devour human blood. Of course, Satan isn't always around to control his minions, so he has a group to do it for him; creatures injected with his own blood. Each has their own problem. Their own sin. And they will have to face it. One day.
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I didn't want to do it. It was my "condition." It made me do it. It was the reason I was standing here, the rain soaking my clothing. It was the reason I was bleeding. But the blood wasn't mine. It was my brother's. And slowly, my eyes dawned with realiza
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Virtual Legend Edition III: Beautiful, Cruel World reviews
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Online Legends, a VRMMORPG, has been released to the joy of players around the world. However, it was soon discovered that players were trapped in the game, unless they clear it. Follow a beta tester, Keaton, and his party members as they set out to clear the game and return to reality. My first, albeit terrible, work.
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 7 - Words: 12,800 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 11/17/2013 - Published: 10/30/2013 - Complete
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