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Hello all! I hope that you have come here because of my writing and because you enjoy my work or want to see more.

Find me on FF.net


Also you can look up Adrian Elijah Hill on amazon for my published work.

I hope you spend some time reading what I'm working on, and if you can take a few seconds to post up a reply that can give me a little advice on moving forward with my writing career.

Take it easy everyone!

Addy Eli

I am one of those people that hate when someone does not use spell check or who use improper grammar outside of character speech.

Often you can find me sitting in my living room with my laptop, or in my chair staring from the windows out at the street with my pet cat, who loves to watch the strays running about(Like a soap opera to him I guess).

I love all the people that favorite and comment my works, and nothing can compare to being watched and read by people who love the same things you do.

If you like original stories, and are a fellow writer looking for a new community to also be a part of, then check figment.com

My name on there is AdrianElijah.Hill come find me, read some of my work on there.

Little facts about me:

I am a product of the '90's and very proud to tell everyone. I still have a Super Nintendo, with seven games... I can't afford more right now due to the being a poor college kid thing.


I have read so many things since I was young that I honestly cannot begin anywhere but with Stephen King! I began reading his work when I was in fifth grade with Cujo. My junior year I completed the longest book I have ever read with The Stand by King, the whole 1142 pages cover to cover unedited version! Other favorites are:

The Book Thief (highly reccomend everyone read this book!!)

Cujo, The Stand, The Tommyknockers, Cell, Desperation, The Regulators, many more (All King books!)

The Devil's Cure

American Pyscho

Dexter Series (Books and Showtime)

Hannibal series (movies as well... but the book is always better)

The Ruins (book before movie)

Memoirs of a Geisha (Amazing book)


There is nowhere to start but by saying if it was made in America(Canada) I most likely have seen it and picked it apart from beginning to end. But the favs are:

Monty Python (any of their works)

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Young Frankenstein

Blazing Saddles

The Producers (Original not the remake with the crappy singers)

Road to Wellville (No one has ever really heard of this movie and I am astonished!... and kind of appalled.)

Scream series

Michael Myers series (minus halloween three which had nothing to do with the original series!!)

Jason Vorhees series

Freddy Kruger series

Jeepers Kreepers series (if you haven't realized I love horror and blood and guts.)

Robin Hood (The new one is amazing, I love the saying 'Rise and rise again, Until lambs become lions.')


I am enthralled in World War II... I have visited the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. and I reccommend it for everyone (given your stomach is like iron) to see the videos they show and feel the aura when you are surrounded by that history. I also enjoy learning about the Japanese role in WWII because my grandmother was disowned during the war for falling in love with an American (My favorite Love Story!)


Dexter, House, Bones, Fringe, Family Guy, My Name is Earl, Scrubs (I miss you), Nurse Jackie, Law and Order: SVU, CI, original and original with new detectives...

Thank you and Enjoy the reading,

Addy Eli

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