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You've made it to the profile of Rouka the Bane! Wanna know what a Bane is? Ask!

Anyway, I've got a FanFiction account under this same name, so go check me out there.

Now, I'm going to tell you about the real life me. Some of you are hear because I wanted you to be. And only after you've read all of this profile, do you, or anyone, have the right to complement or criticize me. Maybe I'm what you were expecting, maybe not.


First I'm over weight and weigh like 211.6 pounds and need to get down to 140.

Second I don't consider my self pretty, I've got acne, claw-like nails, and eyes that range anywhere from grey with black brackets to blue with gold flecks.

Third I'm a ninth grader that tests and works at college level. If I can do it you can too. I'm looking at you people older than me!

Fourth my real name is Olivia. Don't call me by that name unless we've met face to face more than once or I've otherwise given you permission.

Fifth I sorta believe in God but mainly Lupus, the Great Spirit and in Skarzguard, the spirit that helps good souls ascend through he stars to Heaven.

Terrible isn't it? If you're still here, why don't you take a look at what REALLY matters.


First I'm only over weight because it runs in my DNA. You wouldn't guess I would and have walked MILES just for the fun of it before I feel a little twinge of exertion in my legs, I can't run fast for a long time, I'm a hiker, a camper, a fisher who can and has caught 56 fish when and when not trying. I've faced off with a mother bear and been between her and her cub at night, I've been surrounded, alone and with a partner, by unknown animals with eye shine from normal green to bloody red and I've never been attacked ONCE.

Second I have sensitive skin. It's not like I ASKED to have acne!

Third I've got a natural ability with animals.

Fourth I've got a few close friends. They'll never leave me and I'll never leave them.

So that's me. The REAL me. You still here? That almost means a lot people I've never met.


Fight Accordingly.

I like sparring. If I or anyone else fights with honor, do the same. Otherwise, you've been great company in this blood bath.


Work Hard, Play Hard.

If I'm a ninth grader who tests and works at college level, so can you. I'm looking at you people older than me!


Friends Are Family.

As far as I'm concerned, having a good friend is golden. You know those friends are gold if they're like mine. You regard each other as sisters and walk randomly into each other's houses any time and call each other's parents mom and dad.


Nature Is The Key

Nature was here first. Respect and care for her, and she'll loyally protect you.


Thick As Thieves.

Thieves don't cheat other thieves. If you're a really good friend, or have a good sence of humor, I'll give you the shirt off my back if I think it'll help you out. I'll do anything you want as long as you agree you'd do the same for me.

I thank:

karmadella1234 For being my best friend through all of our crazy adventures.

bocchanismine for not being judgmental, unlike most people.

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