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Let's begin.

Let's paint a picture. Colors and all.

. . . the ME stands for the first initials of her name . . .

. . . the li stands for calm due to her name meaning calm . . .

. . . the na stands for music since it's the fragment of the name 'Sonata' . . .

. . . the vi stands for blue coming from the name 'Viorica' since blue is her favorite color . . .

. . . this is . . .


New Year's Resolution: Write a story with chapters and finish it within a year. 2014.

Name: Just call me Lina.

DOB: February 7th

Gender: Female, if you couldn't tell.

Some Random Facts

Her favorite colors are BLUE and PINK. She can't choose between the two.
CREAM SODA is her favorite soda despite not having it often.
Her favorite type of food is KOREAN due to her upbringing, but has a hatred for tofu.
She'll listen to almost ANYTHING.
Her BEST FRIENDS are two girls whom she calls Harold the Kitneh and Blondie (SA).
She loves READING and can normally be found doing odd things.
Her favorite fruit is between STRAWBERRIES and BANANAS.

She's a . . . horrible dancer and an okay-ish writer. Enjoys . . . walking outside, running around aimlessly, singing, and drawing. Her friends . . . sometimes thinks she's insane, but also cool.

The reason she doesn't use her screen-name (Lina) is because she thinks it sounds weird. Writing about herself in third person somehow sounds cool.

Hello people of the world! As you can see I'm a newbie here as of today. (November 10th, 2013 12:51 AM) And no, I'm not extremely accurate, I just thought'd it'd be cool to know what time I started this account. :D So, with all that being said. . . . Actually, never mind. I'll probably write more as the day progresses and I might publish a story soon. Not soon-soon but soon as in a few days later. I'll just read for now and do other stuff, like think about having awesome powers.

. . . Yeah, I'm a bit odd. I know. By the way, the reason I started this account is because I love to write and want to share my stories with the world. (My reason is so original, right? Note the sarcasm.) Anyways, my grandfather said I have to go to bed now so bu-bye! (For now.)

I lied. I said I would write more later on, well it's still the tenth . . . but ugh. So, today my baby cousin came over. She was cute, but a handful. And I read a bunch of stories and crap. By my standards, it was a pretty good day though I didn't get to listen to my music that much. I also tried writing and didn't have much motivation until I started thinking up stories unconsciously. What really sucked was the fact that I couldn't write down those stories because I was too lazy. Meh . . . That's my life though. Also, I'm gonna look up an avatar now since it's almost time! WEEE! XD

Okay, so, wow. It's almost 2014. Time sure flies. I seriously can't wait to see what awaits me this year. I mean, I know I shouldn't be amazed at the fact that it's almost a new year . . . It's just that, I remember when I would put 2012 when it was 2013. I guess it's just a little weird for me to actually say 2014 when I keep thinking 2013. Gosh, I don't even know anymore. My New Year's Resolution is to write a full-fledged story and complete it. (As seen above.) I don't know if I can keep to that promise, but I'm hoping I will because I want to know the feeling of completing a story. Like, an actual story. Not a snippet of something I whipped up in less than an hour.

Maybe this wish of mine will come true. Maybe it won't. The thing is; it's only up to me. A few ideas are floating in my mind, but none of them really stick out and say, "Pick me!" Well, there is this one . . . but I don't know where I'd go with that story. Starting tomorrow, I'll try and come up with a story then post it. No one has to praise it, but I do hope you guys enjoy my story.

A few things to note: I cut most of this journal section out because those were minor things. It was an important day for me when I joined this community so I'm keeping my first few words on here for you and me to read one day. This year will probably be a journey for everyone, whether it be surprising or completely weird. There are so many things I could've made my resolution as, but for some reason I chose this one. I don't know why, but I did.

Earlier, when me and my brother went to get some Subway, I asked him what his New Year's resolution was. He replied with a, "Simple: lose weight and get a girlfriend." I laughed since, well, it was just funny. I mean, these things are totally possible. And then my brother asked me what my resolution was going to be. When he wasn't satisfied with my lousy answer. ("Write a story with chapters.") I told him I was planning on sticking with that story and finishing it.

He told me that all creative minds have the same problem: we become bored with whatever we're doing or don't like the outcome so far. This is very true. My brother's an artist and can't always finish one picture because of these reasons. I never really thought that actually applied to others . . . But, anyways, I won't 'try': I will finish this story. (Whatever that may be.) Why? Because if I simply 'try' I won't finish it and brush it off. If I say I will though, that's a promise that can't be broken. So, I can't simply try and then give up when things get too hard. No, I will finish whatever I'll write.

No matter how shitty the plot actually is.

I also plan on finishing it by next year. I think if I have a time limit it'll help me in some ways. Wish me luck on this! :)

. . . I just noticed how determined I sound . . .

It's time to start painting the picture and actually finish it for once.


So, it's 12:30 A.M. now. I'm not sure what to think. I mean, nothing spectacular happened. When I saw the clock, I was surprised because it was 12:03. That's when I said 'Happy New Year!' Well, I whispered it, but still. Me and my bro were basically the only ones up which was really, really weird. And I basically celebrated it in the dullest yeah. It's still so weird to say 2014. I wanna say 2013, but then I suddenly remember.

I guess I'll keep this short. BYEEE! xD I HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY!

Current Avatar: FLUTTERSHY!!! So freakin' adorbs!

Favorite Song At the Moment: "Irrelevant" by Lauren Aquilina

Update Time: Whenever I feel the need to.

Things I Plan On Doing

1. Finish 72 one shots within a year.

2. Complete a chapter-ed story within a year.

3. Review more.

4. Play my viola more.

5. Study harder.

6. Improve my writing.

7. Write a one shot that's longer than the usual for my big bro's b-day.

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