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--I keep up to date with all of my stories even if they suck. --


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  1. Nothing.

I am a person of randomness, I enjoy random things -cookies-. I am easily amused by many things; the barrel roll thing on Google, chocolate, and other stupid things.

Favorite music: I like/love heavy stuff (Alternative, no screamo, Rock, Classic Rock, sometimes Heavy Metal), I also am a big T-Swizzle girl; Country. Also Beethoven. Favorite band (s): Three Days Grace, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Adam Gontier's Band (they don't have a name yet...) Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Muse Favorite singers: Adam Gontier, P!nk, Taylor Swift, sometimes Carrie Underwood and Avril Lavgine. Favorite food: too many to count :/ Favorite color: does camouflage count? Are you tomboy or girly?: Really, I don't like classifying myself or others, but if I actually had to choose probably tomboy. I do like some girly things because I AM a girl: shoes, and makeup. (I get way too bored after at least two stores in the mall. I don't like shopping...Unless it's Target) I love camping and getting full of mud, and down and dirty. (No not in that way you pervs... I know you're here). Keep. Fish. Away. From. Me; I don't care I love looking at fish through pictures or at the pet store or in a tank but fishing? NO. I will refuse to even look or touch one of those things. Favorite movie (s): Soul Surfer, Deadliest Tornadoes, Cyberbully, Three Days Grace: Live at The Palace 2008, Pitch Perfect Favorite sport (s): gymnastics (in no way am I a gymnast, I just have a lot of respect for those amazing people. I do know it's harder than it looks; I know a lot of the 'consequences'. I can do quite a bit skills, I am very flexible), surfing, swimming, baseball, tennis. Have any pets? : Yes, a dog. What's a guilty pleasure of yours? : believe me or not, Super Mario. Also whipped cream... And hot pockets. (I didn't ever say I had a healthy diet; I'm still thin) Favorite authors: don't have any. Favorite genre of book: mystery, romance, suspense, humorous. Are you a good speller?: I can spell big words. So, yes. Where are you at right now?: Home. What are you wearing?: my pajamas. Shouldn't you be somewhere?: School. Why aren't you there?: You don't need to know. What do you say to a person who calls you weird?: I take it as a complement, even if it was supposed to be an insult. Or I'll say: "I'm not weird, you're just too normal" What are some words you say frequently?: Shut up, hey, I'm hungry, can we go somewhere? What? No. Are you a fairly happy person?: Yes You a serious writer?: YES. You get upset easily don't you?: uhh, I guess. Do you make a big fit if you don't get your way about things?: Yes, and I'm not spoiled. Are you part time ninja?: I just won a battle last night...Pssh, I wish. Are you a sarcastic person: I'm not good with advice, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? (pssst, te answer's in te question) Are you a people-person?: I prefer to work alone on projects but yes. I like hanging out with people, but I like to be alone in my room a lot. Did you used to think 'a lot' was two words?: Unfortunately. Do you know the difference between, 'to, 'too', and two', and can you use them properly?: I can write in complete sentences. (Yes.) Does it bother you if people can't pronounce a word?: I don't like to be picky or a know-it-all, but I think we can all agree we have our moments... Also, it depends how easy the word is. You're in a fight. What do you use as your weapon?: A stick. Jk, jk, anything I can probably kill someone in 25 different ways with. Do you laugh at your own jokes or writing?: All the time! Do you try to be better than anyone else?: I try to match up to their standards. Do you know the difference between, 'their', 'there'?: Yes. And I can use them properly.. What's your strongest subject: Language Arts Weakest?: Math and Chemistry/Science. Favorite TV shows?: Grey's Anatomy, Make It or Break It, Dance Academy, (I don't really watch TV anymore; I can't even remember the last time I sat down on the couch for a full hour to watch TV.)

Dislikes: JB, 1D, ( hate them) , mainstream music, math, Chemistry, graphing, measuring, school projects (if it's boring and involves work), fashion (I'm not a big clothes person), annoying people, trolls (doesn't everybody?), Jersey Shore...The list goes on and on people... Oh! Yeah, one more thing that really brings true hatred in me: dubstep. (You can grill me later)

My rant on today's 'music':

I was never one for all the pop-sh!t that's out there these days. Yeah, yeah, I listen to Taylor Swift and and P!nk but I have reasons to listen to them! Yes, they are 'mainstream', yes, they have pop music but at least they're live! They don't take their fans for granted unlike other people/bands. Allow me to f*kin' rant, call it what you will, but listening to anything else makes my ear bleed. I actually think it's poisoning today's society. P!nk and Taylor Swift are the only singers on my IPod that are related to mainstream. There are SO many bands and singers that go on stage and have freaking computers behind them, all autotuning, and "ear candy" crap. To make them sound perfect! The point of playing music live isn't to be perfect, it's to have fun. If I'm playing something to someone and I mess up they're going to hear it. If I sing a bad note, they're going to hear it. This is my intake of today's generation, and I'm not saying this because I listen stuff that is actually played live. Which I do, but you might miss my point, I'm not trying to say that all musicians use crappy auto-tunings, vocal enhancers or whatever, but there are A LOT of them. The list can go on forever but allow me to give a few examples to letting you know if it's live or computers: Live versions: You can hear the singer, you can hear the drums, you notice the way the sound is, is completely different from the record. The singer talks to the audience, the singer let's the audience sing, he/she stops singing. They do things such as play with the audience, climb the truss, or the polls holding the stage. (If it's an outside concert), what is the point of making a record, if you cannot play it live? Just to get radio play? Or maybe just for the hell of it? Tell me the answer to this, and make sure it's reasonable. And if it's auto-tune: Vice-versa. The number one thing; it sounds exactly like the record version. To all of the singer and bands who use backing tracks, good luck with your careers. As a person, I've always freaking hated this. Same for dubstep, how the hell do you play that live? You may not even do concerts, but still, if they do concerts. There's only one way a person can play dubstep live that comes to my mind: a computer. That's all it is. A computer. And if you tell me that today's music is real music, then you're lying or you're lying. I can go on and on about this, so shut up. It's my opinion. I don't care if I'm the only one who agrees with my own rant. "If it connect with you great, if not, move on."


"Seeing the reality of music come back. The purity. Not the fake. The raw and the real. Not the polished, shiny, glossy, formulated "ear candy" you hear these days. I'm interested in hearing what musicians actually have to say. Not what they're FORCED to say, just to get radio play. If you've got something to say, say it! That's what has been lost in this industry. The connection between the artist..., and the people who listen to that artist. If you hear a song on the radio enough, it'll be ingrained in your head, and eventually you'll have no choice but to react to it. It's about time that musicians and artists say what they REALLY feel and REALLY mean, and if it connects with you, great. If not, move on. "
Adam Gontier

--Exactly my point, thank you Adz!--(Also my explanation for hating mainstream music.)

His hilarious rant about dubstep:

Read it. Learn it. Love it. -- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=579309852107265&set=a.579308885440695.1073741842.552345324803718&type=3&theater

A few of my favorite songs currently; as of this week. (just a few...)

Frozen soundtrack and multi-languages...

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