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I suppose I could introduce myself. The (pen) name's Leon, and I write when I can. Never went to college or studied anything for writing, but in time I learned to come up with at least some decent writing. My problem often tends to be not finding the right words for something, and thus may end up oversimplifying things.

Started writing about 8 years ago, and it started as, strangely enough, writing out ideas for a game (I never followed that dream, I was just young). It then evolved to fan fiction and after that it evolved to original stories. My first attempt at original stories met a miserable end, but my second attempt was much better. Dragged it out longer than it needed to be, but it is still ongoing.

So far, only one story is in the works from me. However, I already have plans for a sequel depending on how the final draft turns out to be. That final draft being, of course, the climax of the story.

The poetry I post here, with the exception of "My Eurydice", was all written by a girl named Riddel, who has long departed from this world. But I want to share her poetry with the world. Keep in mind she was between 14-16 at the time she wrote these poems.

I have been inspired by the writing of others, mainly one of my forum buddies, and another being a friend who advised me into writing in prose form. That worked out pretty well so far, and it turned out much better than writing in script form. So the works you'll see here will be in prose form. Thanks a bunch, Eytha! :D

I have also been inspired by a lot of anime, the main one being Saint Seiya. I've admired astronomy and myths since I was a kid, and seeing both rolled into one action-packed series made me so happy inside. The story I'm currently writing was inspired from it, and any future project maybe inspired by it one way or another.

If you have any questions or if you wanna chat/roleplay, feel free to message me. I'll add some details about myself below, and details on my story below that. Other than that, I hope to make your acquaintance.


Anime, manga, gaming (PC, PS3), Catholicism, astronomy, Greek mythology, cats, culinary delights, Netflix


Neo-conservatism, lies, animal cruelty, injustice, certain types of dogs, thunder and lightning

Anime List (Because Wynaut?)

Saint Seiya series (original, The Lost Canvas, Omega)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (original series, but wouldn't mind watching GX and 5Ds)
Dragon Ball series (all)
Konjiki no Gash Bell!
Sword Art Online
Log Horizon
Black Jack
Attack on Titan
Death Note
Code Geass
Hayate the Combat Butler!
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
07 Ghost
Skip Beat!
Sailor Moon Crystal

Current Project:

The Melody Weaver

Genre: Sci-fi/Action/Romance
Rating: Fiction T (violence, mild language, suggestive themes)
Status: Currently in development
Planned length: Approximately 200 chapters (may change at any time)

Summary: Leon had just begun getting over a lost relationship, and despite his success at his own bakery he strives to explore the cities out there. He meets an old man, who promises him he can allow him to see his past love again if Leon is somehow able to stop an ultra-fascist regime hellbent on universal domination. Armed with only his amateur boxing skills, knowledge in anime, and the Horologium Vest - an artifact created by the old man which can control time and space to a certain extent - Leon sets out into the unknown, ready to pummel the ones who threaten the world he grew up in. His only source of hope is meeting his girlfriend in the past for a proper goodbye.

Comments: My second attempt at writing an original story in prose form, and so far my most successful as it still stands today. It's my sole focus writing-wise, as I have other duties in Reality to uphold as well as just having down time with my games and shows. I admit the beginning chapters are not so awesome and may even have room for massive plotholes later on, but I decided to let them stay as they are as proof of how badly I began. However, it does set the story in place, and as you read further along you'll see that not only the story progresses, but my writing skills as well.

It sounds promising, but I warn you, since I already wrote the first few chapters over a year ago, my problem has always been making lengthy descriptions, and as a result I may fail to paint an image in your head more often than not. In those times, however, I would encourage you to use your imagination. After all, lots of people prefer books over movies for a reason. :D

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