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Hi! I'm also on Fanfiction.

I will start by giving personal information, and then at the end, if you want to have a good laugh: read the bonus.

Pour les francophones: A la fin, j'ai traduit mon profile en français.


- About me:

I'm completely bilingual French-English. I'm also learning Japanese (始めまして!) and German (Ich spreche ein wenig Deutsch.)

I take Creative Writing classes at my University; we can write about anything we want, and that includes fanfictions ! I like to draw too. My favorite animal is the cat. (I have a black cat.) I listen to all kinds of different music and play the piano. I mostly play Bach and Chopin, but right now I've moved away a bit from the classics and started some others things like OSTs (Yann Tiersen) and Maple Leaf Rag, by Scott Joplin. I've also been taking theater classes for 3 years now.

- My writing:

I write about almost anything. I started writing when I was quite young. (I don't have a specific age to give because I don't remember when it started.) I didn't start writing stories of course; I just started writing mundane anecdotes of my life, kept a dream diary, a normal diary (I started my first real diary when I was 10), wrote about anything and everything that came to mind, personal thoughts, etc. It's only been recently that I started writing actual stories.

- Music:

Music is very important to me, it even interferes with my writing: Most of the stories I write are inspired to me by a song, that is why I will (most of the time) include songs in my fanfictions.

I listen to all kinds of different music in different genres and different languages.

Anything from Pop (Lily Allen / Mika), Pop Rock (The Hoosiers) Rock (Beatles) Punk Rock (Ramones) Alternative Rock (Weezer) Electronic (Daft Punk / Owl City / Metronomy), Reggae (Bob Marley), Folk (Bob Dylan / First Aid Kit / Moriarty), Oldies (Elvis Presley / Johnny Hallyday at his beginnings with the song Souvernirs), Classics (Vivaldi / Tchaikovsky / Chopin / Bach), OSTs from different movies (Miyazaki / Intouchable), different animes, different TV series.

I listen to music in:


French (Boby Lapointe and Serge Gainsbourg are classic old French singers. More recent ones would be: Vanessa Paradis and M = Matthieu Chedid).

Spanish (I love all of Manu Chao's songs. And "Por que te vas" is my favorite song by Jeanette. I like the French version of that song too).

German (I really like the group Wir Sind Helden, and my favorite song from them is Nur ein Wort).

Japanese (I dare you to watch Candy Candy Kyari Pamyu. To be honest with you, I do like it.)

Iclandic (Björk mostly sings in English but she is Icelandic and sings in Icelandic too. Type in Youtube: Björk - Jólakötturinn).

Indian (especially from the Bollywood movie DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge))

- What I like to read/watch:

If you know about Animorphs, you can PM me so we can talk about it! I absolutely LOVE that series! They're my favorite books! I'm still currently trying to buy all the books to try and have the whole collection! And my favorite fanfiction about that series is The Homo Sapiens Chronicles by renegadewayfarer. But if you do get into the series, do NOT watch the TV show, it's horribly bad!

Speaking of TV series; I like Doctor Who and the new BBC Sherlock too! I know about Elementary, but I prefer the BBC version. I'm also watching Game of (fucking) Thrones. (I've been brainwashed by this series. At first I hated it; but I've been unintentionally and unconsciously drawn to it slowly. Now every time someone mentions Game of Thrones, I think of the fan-song: Thrones, yeah! Game of Thrones, yeah! Game of Thrones, fucking Game of Thrones, fucking Game of Thrones, fucking Game of Thrones...)

I am not ashamed to admit that I still love Disney movies. Not all of them, but I do have a few favorites; The Aristocats are one of my favorite classics. Then I like Lion King 1 and 2, and my favorite recent one is Tangled; my favorite scene from that movie is Kindom Dance. Go look it up on Youtube, it wouldn't hurt and it's not even 3 minutes long. It might make you want to watch the movie if you haven't already.

I also like the Warriors series! Although for a while I started drifting away from it, but now I'm coming back to it slowly. (I'm reading The Dawn of Clans right now.)

I've read all three books of Hunger Games and seen the first movie, but I'm not really into it anymore either.

I'm a big fan of Terry Pratchet! And my favorite book from him is The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents. In fact, I have read that book many times, and I could still read it again! I like Neil Gaiman too: I've read and watched Stardust. My mom loves American Gods. (I haven't read it yet though.)

As for manga's, my favorites are Hetalia, the three most popular manga's of Rumiko: Inuyasha Ranma and Urusei Yatsura, Card Captor Sakura, Fruits Basket, OHSHC (Ouran High School Host Club), Mirumo, and last but not least Shugo Chara!

And as for movies: My favorites are the Miyazaki movies: The Cat Returns (my favorite since I love cats!), Chihiro also known as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Princes Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, Ponyo, Wisper of the Heart, etc.

Then I also like HTTYD (How To Train Your Dragon). Recently I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel; it was great! I had never seen any movie like that: the scenes where shot as if they were paintings! I really liked Interview with a Vampire (the movie), and I bought the book sequel (Vampire Lestat). But don't get me wrong: just because I liked one vampire movie, doesn't mean I like all vampire movies: I hate Twilight !

- Proverbs:

"I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I'm afraid of." - Joss Whedon

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." - Martin Luther

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." - Jim Rohn

"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill


Dear parent suspiciously looking over my shoulder as I browse a baby name website,

Please realize that it is not what it looks like.

Sincerely, aspiring author who needs names for her characters.


Dear purple crayon,

Why must you look EXACTLY like the blue crayon?

Sincerely, my ocean is now purple.


Dear Egnslih tecaehr,

Did you konw taht as lnog as the fsrit and lsat lteter are in the smae palce, hmauns are albe to raed the wrod?

Sincerely, slpelnig is not taht ipmrontat.


Dear How,

You really need to start with a W.

Sincerely, Who, What, When, Where, and Why


Dear Shakespeare,

Poetic talent is easy to fake when thy sentence doth no freaking sense make.

Sincerely, unconvinced English student.


Dear Movie Makers,

Please stop changing important thing when you make a book into a movie.

Sincerely, we like the book for a reason.


Dear people who ask questions during movies,

The awesome thing about movies is that they tend to make sense and answer the questions you ask if you watch for 5 more seconds.

Sincerely, seriously, I just want to watch the movie in peace.

(This makes me laugh because I'm always asking questions when I watch a movie with my sister and it drives her mad.)


Dear rewind button,

Thank you for making Jaws the quirky comedy about a bulimic shark that barfs up so many people the town has to open a beach.

Sincerely, life is nicer backwards.


Dear world,

Fortune cookies aren't from China, Swedish Fish aren't made in Sweden, Danish rolls aren't from Denmark, French bread isn't from France, German chocolate cake isn't from Germany, and French fries are actually from Belgium.

Sincerely, what is wrong with this picture?


Dear English teacher,

How can I get a question wrong that was asking for my opinion?

Sincerely, fed up.


Dear Pinocchio,

If you said ,"My nose will grow now," and it doesn't, that would mean you were lying. But if you were lying, that would make your nose grow. Thus, making your nose grow by telling the truth.

Sincerely, ultimate paradox.


Dear character in movie about to be hit by a car 20 feet away,

Instead of just standing there with a gaping O face, how about running?

Sincerely, seriously, what are you waiting for?


Dear humans,

You are just my oversized Sims game.

Sincerely, God.


Dear world,

Why do you only blame girls?

Sincerely, it takes two to get pregnant.


Dear online website that asked if I was human,

What do you think I am?

Sincerely, a tiger with thumbs.


Dear Nutrition Facts,

Please stop lying about serving sizes.

Sincerely, this is definitely NOT a one-person portion of mac and cheese.


Dear Boys who wish they could understand girls,

So do we.

Sincerely, Girls.


Dear Period,

Oh my god you're late! What if I'm pregnant? What will my parents say? I'll have to drop out of college!! Oh wait... there they are.

Sincerely, virgin.


Dear girls that are afraid of blood,

What do you do during your period?

Sincerely, curious...


Dear parents who tell your kids, "That’s why you go to college" when they see the pizza guy,

I have this job so I can pay for my textbooks FOR college.

Sincerely, the educated pizza guy.


Dear "drink plenty of fluids",

OK, I'll try not to drink too many solids or gasses.

Sincerely, what else would I drink?


Dear students,

So... all your printers break the night before you have to hand in your assignment?

Sincerely, amused teacher.


Dear parents,

You yell at me when I don't answer the phone... I've called you eleven times now.

Sincerely, your annoyed child.


Dear mom,

If I knew where I last saw it, I wouldn't have asked you where it was.

Sincerely, annoyed teen.


Dear Dryer,

Please don't steal my partner...

Sincerely, lonely single sock.


Dear windshield-wiper making companies,

You seriously can't figure out how to get that one little triangle?

Sincerely, annoyed customer.


Dear Optimist Pessimist and Realist,

While you guys were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it!

Sincerely, the Opportunist.


Dear students,

You can't read my handwriting on your papers because I needed an entire bottle of vodka before your paper made any sense.

Sincerely, your professor.


Dear teacher,

When you say "Write in complete sentences", the majority of the class assumes you are saying "write incomplete sentences".

Sincerely, minor formalities.


Dear people who "love music so much",

Listening to whatever is popular and then forgetting about it a month later, declaring it sucks because it's old, and repeating the cycle a month later shows how much you don't appreciate music.

Sincerely, real music fans.


Dear MTV,

I was wondering if I could get my "M" back... you know, since you're not using it?

Sincerely, _usic.


Dear adults who tell teenagers to stop 'whining' about our lives because we 'have no real responsibilities',

I go to school for 11 hours a day, then go home and do my homework for 4 more hours! I have to get good grades to get into a good college and then decide on a major, and find a way to pay for it all. Don't tell me that I have no responsibilities.

Sincerely, clearly you've either forgotten the stress or were just too big of a slacker to notice it all.

(That was my actual life during High School...)


Dear Microsoft Word,

No, I did not spell my last name wrong!

Sincerely, anonymous.

(In my case, it's actually my first name that Microsoft thinks is a mistake...)


Dear person who just said that "we make a cute couple",

He's my dad.

Sincerely, you disgust me...

(That actually happened to me...)


Dear world,

Today in class the girl next to me was trimming her split ends and the two people in front of me were having a breath holding competition.

Sincerely, I'm in med school... Meet your future doctors.


Dear mom,

Please stop criticizing my 1 hour showers when you leave the TV on all day for the cat.

Sincerely, your annoyed daughter.

(My mom actually DOES leave the TV on all day for our cat; whereas she yells at me for leaving the lights on for more than 5 minutes...)

I took those from Milk of Awesomeness's profile. There are MANY more... I just took my favorites. Although I made some slight modifications on some of them to suit my needs.


This one I took from Pearls Before Swine:

Dear life,

I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction. First, I didn't ask to be here. You put me here. That started us off on a bad foot. Given that rocky start, I'd think you'd strive to be a good host. But no. You fill this place with unpleasant surprises. As if that's not enough, at some point I apparently cease to exist, in a manner that is most likely shocking, painful, and tragic.

Can you say 'rip-off'?

Please provide a refund.


Thank you for having taken the time to read all this! I hope you enjoyed it!




Salut !

Je suis aussi sur Fanfiction. (D'ailleurs, je me connecte plus souvent sur fanfiction que sur fiction press.)

- Des infos sur moi:

Je suis complètement bilingue français-anglais. J'apprend aussi le japonais (始めまして) et l'allemand (Ich spreche ein wenig Deutsch).

Je prend des cours d'écrit créative à mon Université; on peut écrire sur tout ce qu'on veux, et ça inclue les fanfictions ! J'aime dessiner aussi. Mon animal préférée est le chat (J'ai un chat noir). J'écoute toute sorte de music et je joue le piano. Je joue majoritairement des classiques comme Bach et Chopin, mais récemment je me suis orienter vers autre choses comme une BO de Yann Tiersen (Comptine d'un autre été - l'après midi) et Maple Leaf Rag de Scott Joplin (un composeur américain). Ça fait aussi 3 ans que je fait du théâtre.

- Mes écrits:

J'écrit sur tout. J'ai commencée à écrire quand j'étais assez jeune. (Je n'ai pas d'âge spécifique à donner car je ne me rappelle plus quand ça a commencer.) Biensur, je n'ai pas commencer à écrire des histoires; J'ai commencer par écrire sur des choses banals, des anecdotes de ma vie, j'ai garder un carnet de rêves; j'écrivais sur tout et de tout. C'est seulement récemment que j'ai commencer à écrire de vrais histoires.

- Musique:

La musique est quelque chose de très important pour moi; tellement, que ça se mêle à mes histoires: La plupart de mes histoires sont inspirées d'une certaine chanson: Je pense wow, cette chanson pourrais très bien aller avec ce personnage. Et j'écrit mon histoire à partir de ça. C'est pourquoi la plupart du temps des chansons sont inclue dans mes fanfictions.

J'écoute de toute sort de genre de music différents dans différentes langues.

De tout; avec la Pop (Lily Allen / Mika), le Pop Rock (The Hoosiers) le Rock (Beatles) le Punk Rock (Ramones) l'Alternative Rock (Weezer) l'Electronic (Daft Punk / Owl City / Metronomy), le Reggae (Bob Marley), le Folk (Bob Dylan / First Aid Kit / Moriarty), les vieux (Elvis Presley / Johnny Hallyday at his beginnings with the song Souvernirs), les Classiques (Vivaldi / Tchaikovsky / Chopin / Bach), les BO de différent film (Miyazaki / Intouchable), different animes, différent series télé.

Je les écoutent en:


Français (Boby Lapointe / Serge Gainsbourg / Vanessa Paradis / M = Matthieu Chedid / Révolver (ils ne chantent pas en français, mais c'est un groupe français) / BB Brune).

Espagnole (Manu Chao et Jeanette)

Allemand (Wir Sind Helden, et ma chanson préférée d'eux est Nur ein Wort).

Japonais (Oserez-vous regarder Candy Candy Kyari Pamyu?)

Islandais (Bjork chante aussi en Anglais, mais c'est une chanteuse Islandaise. Taper dans Youtube: Björk - Jólakötturinn).

Indian (surtout du Bollywood film appellé DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge)).

- Ce que j'aime lire/regarder:

Connaissez-vous les Animorphs ? Si oui, envoyez moi un message priver pour qu'on puisse en parler ! Ma fanfiction préféré de cette série est The Homo Sapiens Chronicles de renegadewayfarer.

J'aime aussi La Guerre des Clans. Pendant un moment je me suis un peu écarter de cette série, mais récemment j'y reviens. D'ailleurs en ce moment je suis entrains de lire Dawn of the Clans.

J'ai lus tout les livres de Hunger Games et vu le film, mais j'ai un peu perdu de l'intérêt pour cette séries.

J'aime aussi Doctor Who et la nouvelle version de Sherlock faite par la BBC. Je connais Elementary (la version américaine de Sherlock), mais je préfère la version de la BBC. Je regard aussi Le Trône de Fer.

J'adore Terrry Pratchet, et mon livre préférer de lui est The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents. Je l'ai d'ailleur relus plusieurs fois et je le relirais bien encore !

Je n'ai pas honte d'admettre que j'aime encore Disney. Enfin, pas tout leur films mais j'en ai quelque préférer; Les Aristochats est mon classic préférer, J'aime aussi les deux Roi Lion, et le plus récent que j'adore est Raiponce; ma scène préférée de ce film est Kindom Dance. Aller le regarder sur Youtube, ça ne mange pas de pain et ça ne dure même pas 3 minutes. Ça vous donnera peut-être envie de le voir si ce n'est déjà fait.

En ce qui concerne les mangas, mes préférées sont Hetalia, les trois mangas les plus populaires de Rumiko: Inuyasha Ranma et Urusei Yatsura, Fruits Basket, Card Captor Sakura, OHSHC (Ouran High School Host Club), Mirumo, et le dernier mais non le moindre, Shugo Chara!

Et pour les films, mes préférer sont ceux de Miyazaki: Le Royaume des Chats (mon préférer puisque j'adore les chats!), Chihiro, Mon voisin Totoro, Princesse Mononoke, Le Chateaux dans le Ciel, Ponyo, Si tu tends l'oreille, etc. Puis j'aime aussi Dragons (film de 2010); en anglais il s'appelle HTTDY (How To Train Your Dragon). Récemment je suis aller voir The Grand Budapest Hotel. C'était génial ! Je n'ai jamais vue de film pareille: les scènes ont étaient tournée de manière à ce qu'on croirait voir une peinture !

- Proverbes:

"La vraie générosité envers l'avenir consiste à tout donner au présent." - Albert Camus

"C'est son caractère qui fait à chacun sa destinée." - Cornelius Nepos

"On se trompe sur la morale. Elle n'est pas là d'abord pour punir, pour réprimer, pour condamner. Il y a des tribunaux pour ça, des policiers pour ça, des prisons pour ça, et nul n'y verrais une morale." - André Compte-Sponville, dans Présentations de la philosophie.

" "Que dois-je faire ?" et non pas "Que doivent faire les autres ?" C'est ce qui distingue la morale du moralisme. "La morale, disait Alain, n'est jamais pour le voisin": celui qui s'occupe des devoirs du voisin n'est pas moral, mais moralisateur. Quelle espèce plus désagréable ? Quel discours plus vain ? La morale n'est légitime qu'à la première personne." - André Compte-Sponville, dans Présentation de la philosophie.

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