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Hi anyone who is on here to read my stories (so... I'm talking to myself... again) I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself (Because doesn't everyone want to hear my life story!!!) I'm a girl (breaking news!!!) who likes to write (obviously), I also like to read, draw, act, paint, sing, play piano, play guitar and do anything creative. I live in a place... a nice one (maybe I'll move to Narnia one day!!!) and I have the strong belief that Harry potter is ten times better than Lord of the Rings!!! I got these Q&A's from elmodahorse who is an AMAZING writer!!!

Pepsi or Coke: COKE!!! (YUM)
Soda or Juice: Soda!!!
7up or Sprite: 7up
Yellow or Purple: Purple
Rap or Rock:
TV or Movies: Movies!!! Like Harry Potter!

Scary or Comedy: Comedy! I’m a big chicken!
Night or Morning: Night. Party Time!!!

Kisses or Hugs: Hugs
Life or Death: Life! YOLO or what ever the phrase is.

Up or Down: Up!!! Being up means flying!!! Being down means digging… and I’m claustrophobic
Noise or Silence: Noise!!! I like my music loud (yet again another phrase… I think)
Run or Walk: Walk, running is exercise, need I say more???
Burger King or McDonald's: Burger King!!! Better meals!
Apples or Bananas: Apples
Mexican or Italian Food: Italian, I been there!
Winter or summer: Summer
Spring or Fall:
Spring, MY BIRTHDAY!!!
Chocolate or Candy: Chocolate
Chicken or Beef: Chicken
Left or Right: Right. It’s the RIGHT way, you see what I did there???
Doritos or Cheetos: Doritos
Cold or Hot:
is somewhere in between an option?
Weird or Normal: WEIRD!!! It’s more fun!
Elmo or Ernie: Elmo! He has red hair… I have red hair… WE COULD BE TWINS!!!
School or No School: School, I love my friends
Meat or Fish: Meat. I love fish but it makes me sick
Long or Short Nails: Long
Hot Fudge or Caramel: Caramel!!!

Halloween or Christmas: Christmas.
Pizza or Spaghetti: Spaghetti
Scream or Cry: Cry. Crying makes you feel better… well after you’ve finished of course
Camera or Digital Camera: the difference is???
DVD or VHS: VHS, they’re harder to destroy… I’m good at destroying things
Pickles or Cucumbers: Pickles
Love or Hate:
Is this a trick question???
Chocolate or Vanilla: Depends… what are we talking about here???
Latte or Espresso: Neither, unless they are full of sugar
Outside or Inside: Inside
Evil or not Evil: EVIL!!!
Clean or Dirty: Clean… but I don’t like cleaning
Bad or Good: Bad!!!
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset, am I the only person who loves the smell of the air at sunset???

Truth or Lies: Truth

Simple Plan or Good Charlotte: What???

Apples or Oranges: Apples
Teacher or Student: Teacher, that would be fun
Rich or Poor: RICH!!!
Sports or Reading: Reading, again, exercise
Cookies or Cake: Cake
Town or City: Town
Birds or Horses: Horses
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Monkeys or Penguins: Monkeys
Rain or Snow: Rain
Sun or Moon: Moon
Smart or Dumb: Smart, let me know when someone choses dumb!!!
CDs or Mp3 Players: IPOD!!!
Baked or Mashed Potatoes: Baked
Motel or Hotel: Hotel
Cars or Buses: Cars
Trains or Planes: Trains
Forks or Spoons: Spoons

I hope that that was a lovely little insight into my life and that you enjoyed waisting your time reading about me!!!

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