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I really don't know what to put in this thing so...I'm just gonna wing it.


Yeah, I made an account on Fictionpress after stalking er, I mean...uh...umm...Nevermind

Name: QuirkCirc, QuirkyWaffle, Waffle-Sama, Waffles

Age: 19

Residence: Hahaha. No.

Personality: People say I'm friendly, shy, reserved, random, and a tad weird. In a good way, apparently. Not so sure if that is a compliment or an underhanded insult.

Hobbies: Reading, Watching movies, people watching, making commentaries in my head, making plot lines, doodling, wrestling with my bro, watching anime and writing.

Other: I'm known throughout my family for my...eccentricity and my easy-going lifestyle. I have two brothers and two parents. I live in an apartment. I have a large family. I like short sentences. My favorite food is cheese and any kind of pasta. I have a deep and dark past that is best left undisturbed. I go to an average public high school and am in 11th grade. I have few close friends. I have a deep obsession for shy, sweet girls. Call me strange but I find them fascinating.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark Brown

I really love writing and reading. I'm not really any good, but it's relaxing and it's a great distraction from stuff. I aslo tend to use the same characters in my writing to practice writing them out and because I love them. All my characters are either based off a single personality trait of mine or from real people in my life.

My mom sometimes gets mad when I show up to some social gathering with a book. Or when I steal her phone to read on fanfiction. I started fanfics when I was twelve and then stopped. I could never really finish a story and ended up deleting my stories. I have some self-confidence issues. After that, I began writing down all the plot lines and ideas swimming around in my brain. I've recently started taking up writing all those plot lines into a story. I only write when I have time or when my fingers are in the mood to boogie. So, don't expect any fast updates.


Update: As of today (September 6th 2016) I'll be uploading everything I've ever written on my new (now old) Mac. I'm paranoid that my laptop will break down and all my junk stories will be erased forever. So yeah. Lots of uploading gonna be done today (and possibly days after).

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Waffley Drabbles
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