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So in case anyone decidedly stumbles upon this profile...I wouldn't suggest reading On the Outside. In my opinion, it is crap, a story I hastily wrote during my middle school years. I never proofread it, just typed and posted, rinse and repeat. I have gone back and read it and I deemed it too far gone to even deserve an edit. I decided I won't take it down because it's a good reminder of the writer I use to be. Perhaps one day I will rewrite a better version of it...but that is at the bottom of my list.

2015 projects:

More Like Notorious-My 2015 New Years Resolution that I managed to complete. I haven't posted it yet and I'm contemplating whether I should.

All or Nothing-The story that's been circulating in my brain for quite a while. It's also the one that I think I will do the best on considering how much I can relate to the main character. Stopping my babble here before I spoil anything. I definitely want to post this one, so we will see.

I doubt I will have extra time after those two, considering the first one took me the first half of he year and the second one will probably take the second half of my year and probably extend in 2016, I do have various ideas for a sequel to More Like Notorious and some spin offs. Then, I do have an All or Nothing sequel too, but I have to write that one first and see how it turns out.

2016 Projects(Subjected to change):

All or Nothing: Well the continuation of it. Because let's face it, I'm only four chapters in and on a long hiatus, not going to be finished any time soon. Though I do hope it will be finished.

Complicated Connections: Definitely want to post this story up, but I hate to post only to not finish it. Hoping I don't lose my inspiration for this one. One of my favorites. If I write like a monster, this story could be finished before 2016 rolls around, but I wouldn't put too much hope for that. Thus, it's on my 2016 list.

More Like Notorious: Looking to revamp this one. Will post, get feedback, and revamp. Sequel to this one will definitely have to wait until I am satisfied with the way the first story plays out.


Putting up More Like Notorious for all to view! I will be updating every week, even faster if I get reviews. :) Thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy.

Follow me on Twitter @MystMarshall and like my Facebook page Author Myst Marshall for weekly updates, teasers, and sneak peaks! Let me know you are a Fictionpress reader!

So, about me:

Likes: Reading, writing, eating, listening to music, sleeping, hanging out with friends, talking, constructive criticism, peace, quiet, loyalty

Dislikes: Plagiarizers

Dreams: Getting at least one of my book published in the future

You guys can always contact me by private messaging me or email me at I promise that I try to reply as fast as I can, within a few hours most of the time, unless I'm sleeping of course. :) And please, always tell me any concerns you have. I'm a friendly person; I won't bite!

Also, I have accounts on Fanfiction and Wattpad, both under the name Myst Marshall. If you see them, don't worry, it's me! :D But I have yet to post anything on those accounts and I doubt I ever will, but it's just a heads up anyways!


My Writing Motto:

"I don't write in hopes of becoming New York Times Best Selling Author. I write for myself. I write for my peers. Most importantly, I write because that's just part of who I am."

-Myst Marshall

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Complicated Connections
She convinced herself that no one would get in her way, not even a certain Vanderbilt who lives and breathes to irritate the hell out of her. But reality was a cruel, harsh slap to the face, but who said it wasn't? Full summary inside.
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Two years ago, I had big dreams. Dreams to go explore the world, to pursue my passion. But that changed one day when I suddenly fell from my clifftop into a black pit of nothingness. Now all that's left of my vibrant future is various shades of gray. I wallow in emptiness; I can't seem to find a way out. I'm stuck, stuck in this endless maze of life.
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It's a big issue. This is my message to plagiarizers and everyone in general about the things that go on behind the scenes. Spread the word, tell the author that they're being plagiarized. Whatever you do, don't let them get away with it.
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