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"And if there's one thing I've learned about being a poet, it's that it's not about what you have to say in your poem. It's about what you have to say when your poem is done."

- G. Yamazawa.

As of this moment, scratch everything you previously knew about me.

Hello, my name is Damien and I'm 20 years old. I won't bore you with my past experiences with this account on this website. I've been through a lot with this account. I'm quite proud that I didn't abandon it and make a new one like I've done so many times with I used to have this big "updates" section full of explanations and hopes and dreams, and I realized none of those things actually happened. The goal has always been the same, to help people, but the means to do so keeps changing. But my love for writing has yet faded, and I decided that since I finally got my Youtube channel up and running, an editing system to make my videos watchable, and decent content I truly feel passionate about, I might as well return to uploading things here. I won't be uploading all the same material, but I will be putting some of it back up.

As of today, the goal is not the amount of people that read it, but the way it feels to follow through with something I promised myself I would do. That's how I run my youtube channel, so why not run my fictionpress the same way? Poetry is a big part of my life. I don't always have inspiration, but there are plenty of things for me to post between now and my next inspiring kick.

I hope you all enjoy what you see, live, love and stay crazy!