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'Sup, I'm Don, I'm a writer, digital artist, traditional artist, voice actor, comedian and world builder

Check out links to all my work on my Blog, I post discussion threads, creation updates and processes, and updates for all my artwork, videos, and literature I post online

http: / / donrocs1 (DOT) blogspot (DOT) com /


If you can't find my specific sites, type in 'Donrocs1' on your internet search engine and I should pop up




My Blog-

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FANFICTION TALES- (All of these are posted on

Camera Angles- (Fnaf) OLDER- Phillip Linn's a young guy just looking for a part-time job, what he finds is a little... different, than what the job description said.

Camera Angles '2'- (Sequel- Fnaf)- Phillip Linn, Foxy and Mangle return to duel against a new evil, in a trip that takes them across the globe.

Worse Than '2' Pairs of Handcuffs- (Sequel- Fallout 3/4) - Sanford Tobs, Hancock and Nyx are back, and this time they're against the full might of the Enclave, slavers, post-apocalyptic Canadian warlords, and every hazard the East Coast can throw at them.

Worse Than a Pair of Handcuffs- (Fallout 3/4) OLDER- Sanford Tobs is a scavenger turned hero whose exploratory life is changed completely by a brand new suit of military grade armor, and a French speaking, biogenetically engineered killing machine.

Talk to Me- (AliensVSPredator)- Glen Hannson's vigilante work started when his family was slaughtered by Xenomorphs, his war against the Company, Weyland Yutani, earns him an uneasy alliance with one of the very aliens he has striven to destroy.

Fall for Me- (Sequel- AliensVSPredator)- Glen and Mariah are destined for another great battle against the Company two years later, on a desert world far from civilized space, against the evil that is Weyland Yutani's most cruel scientific mind.

Foul Play- (Warhammer Fantasy/Blood Bowl)- A con artist is forced to put all his dreams of wealth and prosperity on the shoulders of a group of renegades and misfits, and in addition to that, he's stuck being their coach, on the verge of one of the most vicious Blood Bowl tournaments to date.



FREE TO ACCESS ORIGINAL STORIES- (These stories are posted on and Wattpad)

Iron Void: Dreams of Metal- An Armagetroid paratrooper soldier and the battered remnants of his squad fight against impossible odds, holding back a swarm of the unending Eternal Enemy, the evil Centrilons, in hopes of relief from backup that might not be coming.

Heroes of Crux: The Shore Statue- Taking place in my original fantasy epic universe, Heroes of Crux, the Shore Statue is a short story depicting the madness befalling a drunkard and loser who worships a terrible evil harbored in the stone of a dread statue overlooking a river.

Heroes of Crux: Unexpected Visitor- A sample from one of my upcoming Shard Quest novels, Unexpected Visitor is a chunk of one of the middle chapters that can be read as a standalone short story, it depicts a ranger, who in light of recent and depressing events, initiates a romantic relationship with the most unlikely of characters; the dragon who is now a member of his party, and his former nemesis.

Dark Run- War between the men of the west and the Collectives has raged for centuries on the battle-torn world of Worn, and now the fate of everything, and the discovery of mythical artifacts of terrible power called Dark Gems, rests on the shoulders of two outcasts, both of whom are destined to rekindle peace between their species.



HEROES OF CRUX PUBLISHED MATERIAL- (You can buy a copy of these off of Amazon or CreateSpace)

Heroes of Crux: Sunken Halls of a Dead Peoples- Published on Amazon, a mad swordsman and a deranged tracker trek into the dark ruins of a dead city, finding insanity and evil within.

STUFF I DRAW- (You can view these on my Deviantart Gallery or on my Blog)

World War 2 Equipment Profiles- Fictional and real variants of tanks, armored vehicles, trucks, jeeps, autos, airplanes and tractors from the Second World War.

Artwork for my Stories- Characters, places, maps and posters depicting events, people or things in my fictional universes.

Rough Sketches- Not all my work is digital, and I go through tens of sketches- (most of them rough) -before I get more refined images, you can see all kinds of drawings I have in my sketchbooks and notebooks.

Old Automobiles- Cars all the way back to the 40's, up to the late 70's.

Space Images and Posters- Cool looking Sci-fi space backgrounds and screen savers made with Photoshop.

Pin-Up Drawings- Naked anthro dragons, lizards, wolves, you name it. Don't like it? Eat my shorts.



VIDEOS I MAKE- (View them on Youtube)

Gaming- I play all kinds of PC games, Fallout, Oblivion, Gmod, Blood Bowl, and I record all the crazy stuff that inevitably winds up happening, and how I react to it, it gets pretty insane.

Lore- Learn about languages, cultures, continents and events in my made-up universes.

Voice Acting- I record spoofs of game cutscenes, movies and other stuff, and sometimes I'll upload voices of characters from my stories.

Scary Narration- (I'm still working on implementing this) -made up ghost stories, cryptids and urban legends.

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Heroes of Crux: Verses from Weshire
Various verses from famous bards, poets, figureheads and even warriors across the Heroes of Crux World.
Poetry: Fantasy - Rated: K - English - Fantasy/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 3 - Words: 929 - Updated: 3/2 - Published: 2/22
Dark Run reviews
The men of the western coast have long dueled desperately for control of the realm against the Sindrossi Collectives, and for as long as anyone can remember, Sindrossi and Humanity have butchered one another in a bid to find the Dark Gems, items left behind by the Marble Civilization. The fate of the world of Worn rests on the shoulders of two outcasts whose races hate each other.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 32,952 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 2/23 - Published: 12/27/2017
Heroes of Crux: The Shore Statue reviews
Short Story taking place in my Heroes of Crux universe. A mysterious statue pulses with salvation in the eyes of a downtrodden, abused young man, but in actuality is a conduit for an ancient evil.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,400 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 12/24/2017