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Quite happy that I finished writing the two stories. I'm ending them now because I'm running out of ideas and writing them is getting more and more painful. I'm also running out of inspirations. My inspirations were what happened in actual reality. When I was a teen, a lot of these things happened around me, and of course, I got hurt as well, someone just grabbed my arm for no reason and I was hurt, scared and... yeah.

I know some of the characters in my stories, I put some people I know in them. It feels fun for me. However, I am not in the stories directly. I'm the one and only narrator. And... I guess the settings are pretty much the world now. In Days of our Youth the setting is definitely modern day this world, but the cultures are a little bit different. People are more open to new experiences and they are generally more open minded. As for Original Story, people are even more open minded, but... It's a world that is quite freaky for me. The world is... you can do whatever you want, like the light bulbs and I was freaking out when I wrote that. I was like, "Why all those light bulbs?" Anyway, it was for the story, not me.

I like fairy tales because they were cool. I loved them when I was young. I was reading them reading them... and then I got into this thinking, "They are sooooo cool..." Anyway, fairy tales are written in a simple way, and I like simple stuff, and so yeah, and it's intelligent enough for adults too. So yeah.

There is hope for the characters in these worlds, more in Days of our Youth because the main characters are happier. Because they are happier, they have more motivation, and so there is more possibilities and so more hope. These worlds are really awesome worlds, but Melvin is too sad, so maybe he would have trouble with life.


To be honest, this year has been wonky. Anyway, a new project has begun for me in writing about 'going to the moon'. I don't really think this is that awesome for me. But... for my characters maybe?? lol.

English Pen Name.. Termony Karistis

Chinese Pen Name.. 特夢凝

Username on fictionpress... Termony Karistis

Real Name.. I prefer not writing it down.

Birthday.. It's a number that I come to like.

Personality.. I would say between lame and cool, somewhere in between.

Like & Dislike.. I don't have a strong preference for anything pretty much.

Hobby.. Writing.

Up coming project..

Friday 13: A day of Emergence - A superstitious story based on the two main male characters who aspired to become lawyers. (Yup, still running.)

Hope & Dream.. I'm not so sure. I am not Kakashi.

Favourite song.. No idea

Favourite food.. anything cooked.

Favourite drink.. smoothies

My home page on FanFiction.. https://www.fanfiction.net/~termonykaristis

On my finished work...


-It's about a girl, a tree, a boy and wolves... I think it's because that's how it is. Everyone, is different in how to find happiness or how they define it.

The Days of our Youth..

-I like the cell phone part because sometimes I don't like my cell phones because it's not a flip phone. And so maybe I thought, I should write about cell phones since it was a BIG topic when I was young. These things happened and so I thought it's okay to write it. Ami is set to be a normal girl and I love it. I don't like people who tries too hard to be cool. She's okay I guess, but there are moments like that for her. Basically I like Ami because she is normal. I can relate to her and she's cuter than cute.

-Hideaki likes Fencing? Not really. Maybe. His mum told him to get into fencing because his father fenced, and his parents didn't know he would be friends would kendo people. Izumi and Kunta didn't know they would end up becoming friends either. Their parents practiced kendo.

-Koji is in 10-1 because his average in grade 9 was high. And then I thought, maybe he's smart. I think smart people can be anything, but just not having a lack of intelligence. Anyway, I thought of him because I didn't want to introduce new characters. I just thought, those people(10-2) wouldn't be okay to be in 10-1, that's all. I want Ami and her buddies to be normal, so they are in the range where everyone is, because of the nature of this story. The average for getting into 10-3 is ~75-80%. The average for getting into 10-2 is ~80-83%. And the average for getting into 10-1 is ~83% and up. Koji is around... 90%?

-Fiona wears a pink hat like me. Um... she's not like Koji. She's unkind because she is. Koji is MUCH better. And Koji is smart because he tries hard, and he is naturally smart. I think these two qualities cannot be separated in order to have good grades.

Original Story..

-I like this story. Originally, I wanted to make it a parody, but... I realized I don't really want to rewrite that many endings, so I decided to write my own stories and make them into stories for the characters to rewrite. The inspirations were gotten from real life. The elements are from everyday lives, even the Twins' Searching is from everyday life, but somehow I make it to be royalty because it seems cool.

-Melvin has a sad past. He's nice to Mesmae because she didn't mean it. She didn't hurt them on purpose. She thought they would like it. However, they don't. That's unfortunate. She's not that bad of a person. When Melvin was having a headache a fever or what not, she cared for him, but there is something he couldn't forgive in her. It's complicated. And... he's uncertain about love because of that. What is love? Is it love to control? Is it love to leave? Is it love to hold on? He could not bear the sadness he has, and so he questioned: can I believe in love?

Songs for The Days of our Youth..

-I wrote these theme songs because... I thought I should. I like the stories a lot, so two songs for each of the stories. The theme songs are about the themes for both stories. The character theme songs are pretty much how they felt throughout the stories. The one for Ami is actually quite happy. It's happier than Melvin's because it's a happier story I guess. I like the story theme song better though. I had too much trouble writing Ami's.

Songs for Original Story..

-Original story is very sad. It's almost a tragedy. Anyway, the longing for seeing the later generations from Malcolm is really heartbreaking... And those books... even though Melvin could've found them in the library or the book store, they still carry more weight. It's so sad. I wish Melvin would get to have a happy ending.

To Childhood..

-To Childhood is a cute story I wrote about two lovers knowing each other since 3 or something. It's a very nice idea about this story. I like it because it's so romantic. Anyway, cheers.

J'ai rien de parler...?

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