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I am a first time writer. The Melody of a Hydrangea is my first fiction work. This story started out very simple: a woman engaged (against her own wishes) to none other than her best friend who is a total sweetheart. I wrote the profile of the main characters and then it struck me: I wanted to publish the story.

Updates on writing:

1. TMOH is the first fiction story I've ever completed.

2. I posted a new story called By Design & Destiny: K2 & B2. It's a contemporary, romance story set in my home country, Honduras. I'm so excited about this story; it's been a joy to write it and I hope my readers will love the story as much as I do.

Extra content for The Melody of a Hydrangea

Chapter 37:

If you want to check TMOH extra content go to Pinterest and search for young3g. You'll find a board called TMOH :)

Chapter 27:

For this chapter I was inspired by two piano sonatas:

1. Is the piece Rebeca is playing before the duet:

2. For the duet, I imagined they were playing this one:

Chapter 32

For Rebeca's half-finished song: just wanted to add that I imagine Mr. Kingsley starts to play at around 1:35)

For the piece they were creating together I chose this one:

Who am I? What do I do?

Facts about me:

1. I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God and he's my savior.

2. My mother tongue is Spanish; second language is English; third, and currently learning, Chinese.

3. For some odd reason, I enjoy writing in English more than in Spanish.

4. Studying abroad; majoring in Product Design

5. I'm Honduran

6. My favorite movies are: Pride & Prejudice, Tangled, Beauty & the Beast

7. If you want to check out my pinterest page search for: young3g

Books/T.V. related stuff:

12. My favorite books: Pride and Prejudice, The Darkest Minds Trilogy, Lunar Chronicles Series, Fangirl, and Blackmoore. My faves list is actually a bit longer, but these are by far the ones I've enjoyed the most.

13. BBC miniseries. It all started when I watched BBC's 6-episode adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Wonderful, amazing. I cannot imagine anyone else playing Elizabeth and Darcy. And, do not, I warn you, do not get me started on Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. My second, third, and fourth favorite series would be Emma (with Romola Garai), North and South, and Little Dorrit respectively.

14. The inspiration for writing a Regency period story comes from reading Jane Austen's novels and watching BBC period drama.

15. Fictional Boyfriends: Mr. Darcy, Liam Stewart, Maxon Schreave, Elliot Tylers (from a fictionpress story), Emperor Kaito ...I might have a few more.

16. Celebrity crush. Uh, I cannot name just one guy. Adam Young (Owl City), Chris Evans, Hunter Hayes, Ben Barnes, Zachary Levi, and Lucas Till.


Currently reading: Re-reading Lunar Chronicles

Last book(s) I read: Cinder

Last fictionpress story I read: The Boy Who Talks to God (What a beautiful story this was. Touching, heart-breaking, and amazing. I recommend it)

Last Fanfic I read: His Veela Heritage (Harry Potter fanfic)

Books I want to read: So many I can't keep track.

Book recommendations: The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken, Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson

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