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Hello! My name is Anabel and I want to be a writer when I'm older

I write mostly for supernatural or urban fantasy genre, but I have some ideas for psycho-thriller, sci-fi, and regular fantasy too.

Here's a few summaries for stories I hope to write:

Beings from the Otherworld: Siblings Alex and Robbie have lived with their grandparents for two years, after an incident that involved their parents occurred, and have often wondered why haven't they learned of their grandparents before from their mother...and what's with all the locked rooms in the mansion they're not allowed to go into, the locked shelf of books they're not allowed to read and the questions they're not allowed to ask. They find the answers to these questions one night, when their grandparents are out of the house and a mysterious being invades the mansion and attacks them. What are their grandparents' histories, who are these strange beings that keep showing up and trying to kill them, and what is the Otherworld that they keep mentioning.

Go to Hell: Dante is a dragon-demon that resides in Hell, where his main job is to capture any demons that sneak into the human world to cause trouble before an angel, exorcist or demon hunter can get to them, and punish any demons that break any of the satanic laws. He is often accompanied by Batty, a bat demon and Jezebel, a succubus, but one day he encounters a fallen angel in the human world and takes her back home with him, and, no pun intended, hell starts to break loose.

Hell Freezes Over: Sequel to "Go To Hell", all the demons to Hell wake up one morning to find it starting to freeze up all over. It's up to Dante and his crew to find out the cause for this incident and fix it before their home becomes uninhabitable and the demons all die.

Hell Yes: Immediately after the events of "Hell Freezes Over" ends, Batty goes missing, and while Dante is working to find him, there are rumors that the anti-Christ is living in the human world, but it isn't aware of it's destiny. Dante, Jezebel, and Angela go to the human world to track down the anti-Christ and bring it to Lucifer, but some demon hunters and angels are working to find it as well, but to kill it. At the same time, the Anti-Christ meets a demon who offers to take it to Hell where'll it'll be safe from those who wish to harm it. (This would be the last book of the trilogy)

Animals: In the year 3000, a 5-year-old Japanese girl named Aika is put on the government's most wanted list and the Yakuza wish to figure out why. So, they enlist the 8 most dangerous people from around the world to help:

John Tethen-A Jazz pianist for a Chicago theater by day, a street fighter by night.

Zedd Simms-An owner of a coffee shop in New Orleans who is also a part-time sniper

Leeroy Winters-An indigenous activist who is trying to get money for his reservation, but sometimes using means that aren't necessarily legal, much to his younger brother and friend's chagrin.

Clayton Jordan-A marine biologist from LA who specializes in sharks who is working to get a particular species recognized as endangered, and at the same time, using dangerous means to keep people from hunting them.

Floyd Cane-An owner of an animal shelter in New York City who uses cage fighting to get money to support the animals that live in it

Janice Jones-A lawyer from Washington DC who mostly works rape cases to get the victims' rapists sent to jail

Junice Jones-Janice's twin sister who kills the rapist if her sister is unsuccessful in trial

Shiraz Muhammad-An owner of an orphanage in the Middle East who is a mountain of a man and uses his brute strength to fight terrorists and free the women and children they abuse.

Will these 8 people find the girl and get the answers the Yakuza desire? And can they do so without anyone figuring out who they are in the daytime.

Robotropolis: In the future, where almost everyone has a robot companion as soon as they turn 6-years-old, a small group of people come together to unearth the government's corrupt secrets:

A robot part scavenger (B4ND17)

A skater girl (SK8R)

A little boy who just acquired his first robot (D122Y)

A little girl who is accompanied by the robot of her imprisoned father (GU4RD14N)

A ballerina (QU33N)

A foreigner (5H070)

And a lone robot who is searching for it's missing master. (0)

Murder by Stagelight: Janelle has just gotten a job at a theater where he grandmother used to work, along with several other iconic female stars. but not long after being hired, these same veteran stars start being murdered and robbed of an iconic piece of clothing they were almost always seen wearing. Can Janelle find out who the murderer is before it claims it's next victim?

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Beings from the Otherworld reviews
Siblings Alex and Robbie have lived with their grandparents for two years and have often wondered why haven't they learned of their grandparents until now...and what's with all the locked rooms in the mansion, the locked shelf of books and the questions they're not allowed to ask. They find the answers to these questions one night when a mysterious being shows up and attacks them!
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