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Hello, SnowFaith here! :D Welcome to my profile!

Basic Stuff About Me c;

Other Names You Beautiful/Handsome People Can Call Me - Lots of people call me Jessi. And once, my bro called me Jess, but you don't really have to call me that! n.n;

Age - I'm gonna be totally honest with you guys. I'm between the age of 13 and 17. c;

Gender - Female c;

Known Languages - English & Español

Horoscope - Pisces! (Not sure if you care, but *shrug* Why not?)

Personality - I'm usually really quiet towards strangers, and sort-of shy. But, towards my close friends, I'm much more open with myself! I tend to be a bit loud at times, since I'm a pretty hardcore fangirl. XD But, when it comes to work, I go into my 'serious and antisocial' mode where I don't let anyone (and I mean ANYONE) distract me from my goal. So, in a nutshell, I'm kinda weird. cx

Appearance - Well, I don't really know on where to begin... My seemingly black hair is pretty wavy with bangs moved towards the [my] right. My apparel seems to remain pretty constant with just some simple shirts and shorts, but since the cold weather is approaching, I'm saving up so I can buy some cute sweaters/jackets, pants and nice, warm boots.

Other Places to Find Me - You can also find me on LiveJournal or FanFiction (My pen name there is Jessi-chan9867).

What I May Write About - I'll probably write Romance/Supernatural/Fantasy/Humor/Hurt/Comfort 'cuz those are my favorite genres.

Random Facts About Me :D

1. I'm a sucker for anything even remotely cute. x3

2. God, I freaking LOVE sweets. I'm like Honey from OHSHC! x3

3. I laugh too much for my own good. And I fangirl too much for my own good.

4. I love myself a good plot twist or surprise ending! They're just so... AWESOME.

5. I hate History. It's just... I hate History. And Math. Ugh, especially Math. Even if I'm kinda good at it...

6. If you ever see a girl with really crappy hair, it's most probably me. I never take the time to brush my hair, and I don't really bother putting stray strands behind my ears whenever I wear it up. Also, I sorta look like a zombie whenever I wake up. xD

7. I am an anime fanatic. There's absolutely no doubt on this one.

8. I have a bit of a temper. I do manage to calm myself down whenever I get upset or offended, but if you try hard enough, I'll be spitting on your face in no time. Not proud of it, but it's who I am.

9. I'm into M/M relationships. Like, I always tend to pair up boys in every single anime/tv show I see. I've also been warming up to F/F, but that just doesn't compare to my love of boyxboy relationships... I have a bit of a problem. -_-)\

10. Studying is, and forever will be, a major problem for me. I just can't concentrate on anything school-related for too long. Hence why I always seem to daydream during my classes. Sigh...

I think this is enough to satisfy your curiosity on me. Thanks for stopping by! c:

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