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Poll: I'm setting up a survey that is going to be here for a few months, to all my readers. I plan to work on one story at a time to make for more consistent updates and I want to get an idea of what people might like to read next after Heart of a Mer is finished (as it will end the series). That will help me get content prepared ahead of time so that I can have a backlog of completed chapters to provide after HoaM is finished. I'm going to post the summaries of two stories down below. Based on those summaries, please vote on which story you would like to see after HoaM. That doesn't mean the other story will never get written, just that the more liked option will take priority when I'm writing. This survey will be made available to all of my sites, but for the sake of fairness and consistency, please only vote once, on one of the available polls. Thank you. Option Number One: Avalon Earth and Avalon have always been linked, two planes of existence, two worlds forever revolving one another. The bridge between can easily be found if one knows where to look. Avalon is a land of purity, and its inhabitants will do anything necessary to keep it that way. Humanity has always been viewed a stain, a disease that threatens the border, and so the Nephilim, winged warriors of Avalon, rose to beat back the spread of a destructive, sinful virus. Mydaiel is just entering the folds of the sisterhood, having completed her training, she is ready to join the hunt and spill blood as Avalon dictates she do until her final, dying breath. It is a great sacrifice and great honor, and she is proud to take the mantle. But corruption can come from anywhere and the hunts have grown increasingly dangerous, that her first may not go entirely as planned. Join the story where two worlds collide in a painful, bloody battle that threatens to become an all out genocide. Option Number Two: Sacrifice (Working Title, will probably change): This is another Mer story, but is in no way connected to the species/culture of Mer presented in the Cry of the Mer series. It is set in a medieval fantasy world where the legends of Sirens run rampant and keep coastal cities and communities in a state of fear, especially given that their livelihoods depend on fishing and oceanic trade routes. Sirens are vicious predators with the ability to bamboozle the mind and sink even the largest of ships, with a ravenous taste for human flesh. In an effort to appease these watery god-like beasts, the kingdom in question has developed a sacrificial ritual where individual souls are harvested and provided to the Sirens in order to placate them into leaving the kingdom ships alone. There's a lot of lore and mystery surrounding the mermaids of the depths, and the story is going to follow a girl named Marlow, a young farmer's daughter living on the outskirts of a city she's not connected to, yet somehow finds herself in the heart of a barbaric ritual meant to satiate monsters of the deep for yet another month. Vote Now!
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So, if you are looking for some more stories to read, let me recommend a few great authors on fictionpress:

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If you are looking for more mermaid awesomeness, I recommend you check out A Mermaid Tail by Kyzer Sytin- S.J.R, who's story will pull you in and make you laugh a little at the silly antics of a lonely Mer and mourn the loss of a heartbroken girl's family, while tugging you into a spiraling adventure of friendship, magic, and trouble, as this story unfolds.

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