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10 anime I love: RWBY, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Naruto, Bleach, Fair Tail, Sakamichi no Apollon, Another, Trigun, Marvel Anime X-men

Favorite music genres: dubstep, electro, drum & bass, drumstep, glitch hop, edm, trance, nu disco, house, chillstep, orchestral dubstep, punk, pop punk, punk rock, heavy punk, metal, hard rock, heavy metal, death metal, screamo

Least favorite music genres: pop (only some artist are okay like Owl City), hip hop (the new kind is shit, the old hip hop was legit), trap (both edm and hip hop)

Favorite bands: Papa Roach, Trapt, System of a Down, Rise Against, Rage Against the Machine, Iron Maiden (old skool!), Nirvana (no, I didn't find them through Smells like team spirit) Fallout Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Drist, A Day to Remember, Gorillaz, Linkin Park, Green Day, Skillet

Favorite EDM artists: Tristam, Varien, Ephixa, Eliminate, Soulfy, 1up, DotEXE, Obsidia, Noisestorm, Rogue, Droptek, Direct, Rezonate, Pegboard Nerds, Josh A, Virtual Riot, Razihel, Haywyre, Mr FijiWiji, Day One, Tut Tut Child, TwoThirds, yh, Arion

Favorite color: Black

What I like in a story- anything really. Interesting plot and characters and you got me hooked. It could be a straight up romance but if the characters and overall story plot thing-ness is good, I'm all for it.

Am I hard to get to read a story?- Yeah, I've been on this website for a while (only recently created a profile) and I've barely read any stories so it'll be difficult for me to click on one of your stories and read.

Should you care?- No.

Do summaries matter?- Definitely. It's hypocritical since I don't care about my story's summaries what so ever, but your summary has to get me hooked or I might not bother reading the first chapter.

Do I review?- Most of the times, but sometimes no. I try to give the writer advice rather than straight up say what's wrong. I also try to keep it nice so I don't hurt anyone's feelings or anything.

What do I prefer in a review?- Again, I'm a bit hypocritical whereas I'll try to be nice and sugarcoat the problem, but I want people to bluntly point out the problems with my stories.

Are my stories inspired or original?- Well, I'd like to think some are original, but some are inspired.

Anger issues?- OHHH Yeah!!!!! The littlest things can make me so mad, but I try to bottle it down so I don't punch the person or the wall. And since I'm behind a computer screen, if you make me mad I can just pause, take a run, do something that calms me, and get back on no problem with a clear head.

Why am I on here?- I honestly have no clue. It's pretty cool I guess.

When did I first think about writing?- Seven years back, I believe...

When did I start writing?- Couple months ago.

How many ideas do I have?- A. LOT. Somewhere around forty-two in all, but sadly, I haven't really put most on pen and paper/Microsoft Word yet.

Current stories:


Dead Games (hiatus)

Future titles:

Sylvia (working on the reboot)

The Scarlet Dawn (soon to be released on Wattpad)

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