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Hallo! Glad you found my page, whether it be by curiosity, recommendation, or you just happened to stumble to my particular neck of the woods. This is Xalo here, ready to take you on the adventure of my mind. As many people say-or is it just me?-You are a victim of your own mind. Well, I am here to make YOU a victim of my mind. This may or may not be a good thing...

But...anywho. I have many ideas just flowing through me, if only you could actually see what my mind puts me through...you wouldn't want to stick around then, I bet. I'd love to talk, if you ever want to PM me. I try to frequently check my profile, so I'll be around.

First I want to start with a One-Shot type writing piece, to get the juices flowing, you know? I will supply a few Challenges myself, but am ultimately relying on you guys for them. I need to be able to write whatever gets thrown at me.

Check out Guy in the Background. He and I are both going to be doing the challenges, so when you challenge one of us, you challenge us both. ;)

I am also working on a new story, New Trust, and am falling deeply in love with it. I want to update when I can, but with school being how school is, I'm not sure how frequent that will be.

Try and visit some of my other friends too :) Proud2bnerdy and Silvery Flame and Cresselo14102234

R.I.P. MRW 2-27-13

A few things about me...

-I love reading Dystopian/Sci-Fi novels

-Medieval time-set books are also interesting

-I listen to music when I type

-I am a Christian

I have a few more ideas, but don't think I will begin them until I get a bit further along in my One-Shot Challenges. Keep in mind, this may not be for a while yet, for I am still developing my ideas, but for FUTURE INTRESTS I would appreciate your input. If you don't care, then I am fine that way too.

Title under construction

A war caused the destruction of humanity, wiping out every human accept a select few who survived by hiding away in the unknown areas of what used to be America. They gathered in groups, or "packs" as they called them, going their own separate ways with the few hundred people they had convinced to follow them. Later these packs became populated villages and designed advanced technology that could help them rebuild the destruction brought on by the war. The village of Greenscape built a 100ft wall around themselves, for protection against the harsh outside, and thrived for 98 years.

Meet Laken, a young woman who is to turn 17 the same year as the 98th anniversary after the war that became known as "The Fall". She had lived her life within the safe haven of Greenscape with all the latest techno-equipment (Known as Tech) and has lived by the rules that had been placed, even though she finds them unjust. She has taken the information in the textbooks about the new growth outside the walls and how, although magnificent, there are savages that roam.

That is what she believed before the man got out and found out the truth. He came back, and before he was publically executed, told the nearest person all of what he saw.


Just holding the information is a crime, and Laken should have let it go, but her mind had wrapped around it. Taken the information and began asking herself, what If he was right?

Soon after, once Laken has invested all her time into finding about the Outside, a boy breaks into Greenscape. Laken finds him and she is told-once again- how harsh the conditions are on the outside. She is told that she is one of the only people able to help the Earth regenerate her previous glory.

But to do so, she must leave Greenscape. Leaving gets her shunned. Labeled a savage that should be shot on sight. Will she be willing to go with the boy? To save the world?

I hope you enjoy my writing,


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