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"I am here to stay, not matter what you may intend."

I'd post more stuff here, really I would! It's just that my laziness level is over 9000, so yeah, don't expect frequent updates, invisible fans!

Reviews are my Kryptonite... post more.

Now let me tell you a few things about my characters; (And gosh, am I incredibly cryptic with my cast. I should get writing again.)

Nick; A red-haired Boy, who's Alen's fourth life, and Marcus' 'Super-special-some-person.'.
Marcus; Marcus' second life, and Nick's 'Super-special-some-person.'.

Orin; Alen's third life, also Nuri's second chance, Faust's Archangel, and somewhat of an overprotective Brother to Nick.
Nuri; Alen's second life, the first of his life's to harbor feelings for Marcus, and is Orin's pre-death form.
Alen; The first life. He's a Warlock of great power, he prefers the title 'Witch' though, because 'Warlock' implies that he lies.
Aidan; Brother of all Alen's lives. Maybe. Kindof. Hardly have him around anymore.

Jay; A personification of one of my Real-life friends. She's supposedly the 'Twilight Sparkle' of the group, but I feel like I've run out of ideas for her.
Queen Galatea; Now, I'm a big fan of Princess Celestia, from the MLP series, and from seeing her depicted as a tyrant in some things, gave me some big inspiration. Galatea's former character was basically a Humanized Celestia, but not anymore! Now she's an angelic Warlord bent on Eternal Darkness!

Angel; Casey's second life and Nick's Arch Frenemy
Casey; A Mindflayer, who happens to prefer Water-magics.

Ever-so slowly updating, guys.

Eternally writing the same thing.

Why is it so hard to get reviews? by CapriChica reviews
A quick question about reviewing on FictionPress, but it's a little different now ;)
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