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Hmmmmm, let's see now... Ahem

Name: People call me Fafa, if you are 'people', feel free to call me that as well or you can just stick to my username.

Country: South-Africa. No not the one where lions walk the streets haha. I'd be terrified if I saw a lion walking on my pavement.

Gender: I'ma dude...

Age: I'm 18

Dislikes: Mosquito's!! Ah! I hate those things hahaha.

Likes: Let's see, I love sports. have done tonnes. Swimming, rugby, hockey, karate, krav maga, athletics... I watch a lot of anime and read bunch of manga and books. I'm quite into computing stuff as well. I draw a lot of Anime, I'm not very good at it but I enjoy it nonetheless. I Love video games. Been playin' since I was about one (by one, I mean four :P). And Music, I listen to a lot of music, don't really have a favorite genre. If i like a song or band, I will listen to it.

I'm a jokey kinda guy and would like your honest opinions on my stories, and no need to be easy on me, I can take it :D. English isn't my home language so I don't expect my English to be exceptional but I'm open to pointers you might give XD... So please if you have the time and patience, review my stories =)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, just PM me. I'm pretty lively, and kind of weird, deal with it =P =)