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"Bastard stole my cookies!!"-Shuichi, the mind of Katie

Yo! 'Tis a Kinneas! I've been quite the lazy ho on my writing, but rest assured that even though nothing new is posted, it's off the ground and at about a medium altitude. I'd say 3000 ft--Southwest Nashville-Baltimore flight. Sounds about right. Damn, I'm a dork. XD My main problem at the mo' is writing the beginnings to everything. I have quite a bit of Vox Insania (book 1) completed, but not the beginning chapters. De Quoto is simply being a ho. Have a new one, as well... More random Latin!! Vox Insania - As an ancient destructive force is once again unleashed upon the Known World, and two seemingly oblivious nations are on the brink of war. Ignorant of all the goings-on, however, is the thief Donovan. In a chance meeting, he is dragged out of his world and into the turmoil around, but is his role really as innocent as it seems...? Some are known for their random Japanese. For me, it's Latin. Vox Insania is an ongoing original novel I have had since October 2001, and is finally blooming into something spectacular. The first three books of this four-part series takes place in a medieval world similar to our own. Rated R. De Quoto - A year after Meteor, all is certainly not well. Rufus Shinra survived the WEAPON attack, and officially declared AVALANCHE outlaws. Barret Wallace was the first martyr, having been captured and publically executed. The rest of AVALANCHE was forced to flee, but as the year passed, temptation and personal lust have taken control. Cid Highwind is sold out by his own, Vincent Valentine a science experiment, and the rest are simply trying to survive. But amonsgt the political dealings of Shinra, something dark threatens to arise once more. In a such a world of espionage, nothing is as it seems. Final Fantasy VII, first-person, told from the views of Yuffie, Cid, Tifa, Cloud, Red XIII, and Vincent. Rating pending. Velut Luna - When the Ani Museum collapsed into Tokyo Bay, police forces discovered a vital disk in the wreckage containing Estet agent files; this information was sent to the UN but never released to the public. Weeks later, two Japanese hackers discovered and released the information, sending Japan into mass panic. But amongst the hunting and fear, the threat of Estet rises again, and they are planning a summoning even more extravagant than before. And on top of it all, a relic from the past and the Weavers of Fate themselves could spell ultimate disaster for everyone... Weiss Kreuz, third-person omniscient, general genre, soon to be posted. Rated R. Mweh heh heh... I love dark stories. And I'm quite frankly sick of Cloud-befriends-the-Turks-and-becomes-president-of-Shinra stories. De Quoto is the most likely outcome of the game. And it's not a happy ending. As for Velut Luna, I am having SO much fun with this story @_@ It delves very deeply into the pasts of Schwarz, but mostly Brad Crawford's. Personalities are a mix of manga and anime, not influenced at all by fanfiction. No direct shounen-ai, but if you look you can find implications XD Be prepared for weirdness.

Latin is just so fun.
Beauty: scars and broken skin by Thrones reviews
Kinda sad, kinda pretty. Changed it a bit. Nothing major, but a line or two was altered for the better. Not imperative to read if you've read it before, but you can if you want.
Poetry: General - Rated: T - English - Angst/Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 924 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 4 - Published: 1/11/2003