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Who am I, ScarletDusk?

I am

Panda, Scarlet, Dawn, Dusk, Philly, Pocky, and Sora

a gamer, writer, reader, artist, musician, and martial artist

a mother figure, a friend, a critic, an advisor, a sister, and a lover


is who I am.

Thank you for your time.

Some projects I'm working on (AKA ongoing/yet to be released works):

Whisper in My Ear (HIATUS)

Watch the Clouds with Me (HIATUS)

The Red Rose

Winged Rosary; Locksmith Chronicles Book 1(Collab with KuroKami) (Collab has been cancelled)

A Game in Time (collab Kurokami) (currently just an idea)

FAQ-(it is now needed from all the questions I get asked)

Red Rose-

Is Rosaline (Rose) gonna fall in love?

Errr...At the moment, I don't plan her to. Aidan, yes he will fall for someone. And Lucy and the King? Just wait and see...

Does Rose have a sister complex?... (My cousin helped me answer this one)

Scarlet: ...I don't think so? I mean, she has been obssessed with finding her sister for 11 years...and she did plan to storm a fortress to find her...I don't thi-

Aoi: -duct tapes my mouth- Yes, yes Rose has a sister complex

Scarlet: Q x Q mweave ma bebe ahwone! (Leave my baby alone!)

Whisper in My Ear:

Is this the Ghost Whisperer?

...If you're asking me if I'm just copying from a famous TV series. Then no. However it will be similar XP

How did you name Elodie? I've never heard that name :O

It sounded pretty, ok? It was my little sister's mispronounciation of Melody.


Note from Me:

HELLO MY FANS O3O BASK IN MY BRILLIANCE. No, no just kidding. (although i am brilliant *) Just me saying what's up! I know most of you guys have noticed, I don't update...much...rarely...ok ok I know I hardly update at all. I'm sorry about that QQ don't hate me! I'm just buried with schoolwork and writer's block (the horrid thing that plagues every writer) At the moment, I got lots of things going on in my life, and if I can't update a lot... Love ya'll and keep being awesome!

Another Note from Me:

Hi hi! For those of you that don't know, I have a DeviantArt account and I'll soon be uploading character designs. ORIGINAL character designs. Yes yes I dabble in art in my spare time. Designs for Rose and Lucy are up from The Red Rose!

Rose, informal outfit/combat outfit: http:///art/Rosalina-From-The-Red-Rose-490134153

Lucy informal/combat outfit: http:///art/Lucinda-490493056

Take a look! :D

Hey guys! So due to some personal and internet privacy issues, I've decided to shutdown this account. Everything will be taken down and this will be an empty account! I apologize if anyone was looking forward to seeing Red Rose completed. One day I will revive this account and maybe even pick up some other projects! Love you all and I apologize again! ;w; See you again!


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"You have been deceived, all of you! The rumors are not true!..," she paused. Her green-eyed gaze was hard as she pointed the dagger back to the man, who seemed to realize her intention. His pupils widened when she steadied her stance above him. A victorious stance. The inaudible answer to his question about her preferred position. And her skills. "I fight nothing like a man."
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My heart beat faster in my chest as I saw his eyes boring into me. I shrieked and I flung myself back into the water, covering my body as much as I could with my arms. "Don't you knock?" I snapped. "Knock on what?" he asked, looking at me with a dumbfound look. "We are in the middle of the forest, remember?" "Knock on a tree or something!" I cried. He smirked, amused. Bastard.*INFO
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 4 - Words: 9,556 - Reviews: 194 - Favs: 134 - Follows: 123 - Updated: 9/10/2016 - Published: 12/14/2013 - Complete
A Rose in Winter by Louise Lanning reviews
Persephone has always lived a quiet and sheltered life in Olympus. All that changes the morning she meets Hades. Handsome and enigmatic, the connection is immediate and undeniable, but how can these fledgling emotions survive the attacks of those closest to them? Persephone finds herself in a new world where magic is real and her own past is more mysterious than she knows.
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Winged Rosary by Kurokami
Kagiya, an unsuspecting child, witnesses her parent's murder, and is taken in by the same people who committed the crime. She meets another child, who has gone through a similar life. When her parent's pasts are revealed, she swears she will get revenge on the positive soldiers of Eien No Ai.
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Not all women can be blinded by promised love.
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"Poor little child," he crooned. His voice was like honey and butter, deep and soothing. "Pitiful one, sentenced to die before you have truly begun to live." He walked closer to me, almost gliding so great was the grace of his stride, and stopped at the side of my bed. "I can end your pain,"
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shortstory about the "cat" onboard a pirateship and her relationship with the crew. a/n: a cat onboard a pirate crew was the ship slut, but in this case, its a little more complicated then that. Warning: Polyanimy rated M for safety. may become real story
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