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Hi my name's Ganki! I'm only 13 years of age and write when ever I get the chance to. I LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE so *please* IM me *puppy face.* I am the typo queen amoung friends so forgive me. I am a BIG anime fan. Favorite anime is Gundam Wing and Saiyuki. I LOVE YOU HEERO! LOVE YA GOKU *not the DBZ Goku*! I also LOVE Star Wars and Obi-Wan/Ewan McGregor. Okay well that's sums it up. One warning I am a very happy person but I write mostly Angst/Death/Drama. Thanks for reading.

P.S I have new site. I go by me real name Ayane so... http:///tfromalr Hope you enjoy Transmission from a lonely Room.

New Series (Star Wars)

Deceiving Darkness Series Contatins:

Seeking Light *updated after Tears of Glass*
Images of Angels
Tears of glass
Crumled Souls *soon to come*
more to come...

I hope you guys enjoy the new series and hope yuo review the fics! Thanks ^_^