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BIO: Just an ordinary dude liven in a not so ordinary world. I'm an aspiring writer currently writing science fiction with fantasy elements in it, but will not limit my interests to just those two genres. I love also History, specifically European History, Greek Mythology, American Football, Pizza and the tears of impoverished orphans–KIDDING, that is just a thoughtless joke. I need to make sure your paying attention after all. Comedy, especially crude, stupid and vulgar comedy is also another of my preferences. Anchorman, The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Big Lebowski (I hope I spelled that right) and Superbad are some of my favorites, to name a few. Anything that young girls like, I fucking hate it.

Here's my favorite shows: South Park, The Walking Dead, Conan, Face Off, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Ink Master, Family Guy (up to the Road To The Multiuniverse episode; I pretty much draw the line there.) and Workaholics.

Now here's my least favorite shows: Anything on the E Network (except The Soup), anything on Fox News, anything on MTV, and anything executive produced by Ryan Seacrest.

Here's my favorite music: Classic Rock, Rap&Hip-Pop, Pop, Dance/Club.

Now here's my least favorite music: Justin Bieber

Go Hogs!!