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I apologize for the recent lack of updates. Real life can be a bitch when it wants to be. Well, that and something new has dug its little claws into my brain...Harry Potter. Or should I say Severus Snape and the Marauders? They won't vacate my all my other fanfiction has been put on an indefinite hold.

Just a few tidbits about myself...I'm an anime fan of the not-quite-otaku kind, mostly Gundam Wing and Escaflowne. Cowboy Bebop has also recently claimed a place in my heart, though I haven't worked up the guts to attempt a CowBe fic just yet.

Besides anime, Harry, and my writing, the things that make my life worth living are theatre, black and white movies, '80s TV shows, my art, and my dog. Oh, and I suppose friends and family are good things, too. ^_^