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Currently looking for a beta-reader for Fiction— Manga— Adventure/Humor/???

About Notorious_Six

Nickname: Notorious; Six
Likes: anime/manga; otome; murder-mysteries; irony; drawing; writing
Currently obsessing over: hot anime guys (and girls); K-pop; Mystic Messenger

—Planned Stories

-The Special Case of Class SA-

Class SA is definitely a peculiar case at Lost Liberty Academy. Though famed for their prodigious, talented students: they are notorious for breaking rules, getting teachers to resign or quit, and being a pain in the arse to deal with. Students from other classes avoided them like the plague and constantly discriminate Class SA. Now a new teacher is assigned to Class SA and- despites her kind and clumsy persona- is just as mysterious and sketchy as most of the students.

-Awakening: Virtue and Sin-

As part of their defender duties, Ace and Yue travel to earth to study the recent decrease of godly activity while attending an academy for virtue defenders. There, they meet other virtue defenders to solve the mystery of the sin.

—Ongoing Stories