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Hey hey everybody! Ya'll wanna read some random quotes first, right? aiight, i got em all here.

" I LOVE YOU ALL! " - me at Kylies party yelling from the back of their four wheel drive.

" Kang sarnet! " Michael with his own word for 'Gosh Darnit'

Wait, did you see catherine or her nose first? - L making a joke. I CAN'T REVEAL HER NAME!

" In my dream you were a dragon 'cept with your head and you danced and you were singing that TLC song . That 'Girls Are Talking, Girls Are Talking"
Ly ( L and Ly are different people): Me? Cool.

Ly: Girls are talking...girls are talking...

Me: Fuck you ya angry 'La banza' bitch.
La Banza: Excuse me?
Me: nothing.
La Banza: No, i want you to tell me what you said.
Me: But I--
Me: I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING! You must be deaf or something, 'cause you yell too much and your breath stinks! HAVE AN MENTOS FRESHMAKER!
Me: Sure. I'm bored anyway.

By the way, La Banza is my Italian teacher. she's short, pudgy, has smelly breath, bad hair, and yells too much.

What, you wanna know about me? me and my personal life?

Name: I'll tell you my fake name! Mirra.
Age: 13
Race; African/American
Birthday: 9 October
Favourite Character Of all Time: WAKKA! HE ROCKS, ya?
Residence: Australia, Perth.
Brothers: Bruno (18), Jermaine (17), Robin (16)
Sisters: Brandy (3)
other family: I got a mom, yeah. A dad? I don't fucking need him. What? You expect me to want a Dad after 13 Years without one? Fuck him. Whoops, i mean, ALL SMILES =D
Useless Stuff: I have black hair. ITS TRUE! Right Kimahri?
Kimahri: Mirra have yellow hair.
Kimahri: KIMAHRI LIE! * runs away*

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Current Fics I'm Working On-

FFX Characters In A RAndom Palace Room- 17% Done

I'm trying to get a serious fic together, so i'm taking some time off. Sorry everyone! Okay, now get reading, Dirty Sons Of Shoopufs...