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Hello, there! I'm Harukami, and I've been writing fanfiction for about 5 years, and original fiction for... Rrr. Ten. ^^;; I started with yuri (mainly Sailormoon, and everyone has to start somewhere) and somehow graduated to yaoi. Not that I don't have a deep emotional connection to yuri. (heh!) No idea what will show up here... my fandoms range from Utena to Slayers to Petshop of Horrors to things that angst and things that are cheerful. I own a webpage called "Passion Fruit" and used to be associated with "Crimson Tears" (run by the stylish and dazzling Miss Nightfall). Currently, I'm in the middle of a huge project with Hoyden, loosely based around Tenshi ni Narumon. That page can be found at http:///gakuen . Please, check it out... and mainly, enjoy!

Oh, and if you like my fics, I have a fic update list at:
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