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Lover of all things yaoi. An asexual homebody who loves nothing more than to lay in bed and watch anime, image-surf, eat and sleep hehe.

I love writing, but have a hard time writing something that has absolutely NO PLOT whatsoever, so most of my stories will probably have a theme and meaningful plot, which means they might take awhile and will be LONG. lol

I want to start a story in first person but alas, it is discouraging because I really suck at first person and I know that's the fave for most people... :/ I'm going to keep trying and see where the story goes before posting it.

Love in Silence will take awhile for me to finish. I practically have it all in my head(except for the beginning which I'm stuck on writing at the moment) I just need to write it and I know its going to take awhile. -_- But that will be my main focus this year.

I Love You Master will have sporadic updates since I'm still not completely sure where it's heading.

Thanks for checking out my profile page! :)