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Wassup guys and girls, volts, jolts, and Sparks alike! ChaoticThunder/RaijinWolf here, so call me CT or Rai I don't mind which. The reason for two names is because RaijinWolf is my name on Youtube but it was taken on here so ChaoticThunder was what I settled with. The channel itself is Pokemon oriented but I do discussions about other video games, anime/manga, and last but not least stories/poems. When I talk about stories/poems, I will be going in-depth with various branches that span from the topic such as with stories the perspective chosen, protagonists and antagonists, the plot and little tips and techniques I use that help with these. If you were interested in that last part, you now know the name of my channel. But all that out of the way, let's get talking about fiction.

So I'm going to be posting poems on here, short ones really that vary in theme so feel free to leave your thoughts on it in the form of either a PM or a review. In terms of stories, I'm currently working on something and have recently passed 5k words with it and will post soon. I may upload some one chapter tasters of other things I've got going on and see what people think of them, if good then I might continue them, if bad, then I'll still probably continue them.

As a writer, I've always thought to know where my strengths lie and where I am am weaker. This isn't so I can avoid doing what I'm bad at, but so I can iron out my weaker points to grow as a writer while still bolstering my strengths and using them as a core for my pieces. I'd say I'm good at dialogue, weaving together a deep plot without making it too difficult to follow(unless a particular element of it is meant to have that effect), writing in 1st person, bringing out certain emotions in readers who relate to the character or the situation and pacing. Now as far as weaknesses go, I'm not that good at writing in 3rd person, I need to get better at establishing settings and sometimes I can end up fleshing out one character a lot and in turn make another character who's standing is the same, seem less realistic.

I also read stories too, and here's what a story I like will typically have:

  • A well written MC- He/She doesn't have to be perfect, in fact I'd making them perfect is the completely wrong way to be going about it. If the story is going to be following them, they should as real as possible. Now what I mean by that is, don't put a name to a cliche and call it a character, I want them to have likes, dislikes, reasons for their actions in the past, and how that drives them to act in the present/future.
  • At least one well written side character- I don't care who it is, if your cast has no well written characters bar the MP and the MA then they are just side characters who I will purposely not care for since it's clear the story doesn't either.
  • A history to your story-The world the characters are in doesn't just start existing when the story does, there has to be some events that occurred in the past before the story started. Doing this means we have explanations as to why a character may be a certain way or why character interactions or lack thereof are that way. It also means you can flip it on it's head too though, show the reader something that is blatantly unlike the character from what they've read and then clue them in slowly about the past.
  • The ending- Okay, I'm not going to blow up and go into a full on rant about this, I'll keep it simple: Make sure. That your story. Has closure. Do not leave it open-ended unless the story flows into a close better with it. Even if it is setting up a sequel, the readers have got to wait until you put out the start of said sequel, so the ending can't be mid-sentence like open.

  • Phew, I think I'm all done here guys make sure to check out below for announcements and updates regarding uploads. Raijin out.


    Dead Batteries: Chapter 1 coming soon!

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