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Hello, My name is RaijinTiger but just call me Rai, I live in England. I currently am in the process of planning a story while also noting a few "Concept Sparks" that need a bit more work until I can start considering uploading them as stories. I also have the tendency to just make a poem and upload it so keep your eyes open. I have been exposed to a lot of stories so I have quite high standards(I won't drop a story because of one thing but you need to at least make the effort) especially in the supernatural/romance combo that has seen a lot of attention. I love a good story as long as it doesn't cause "depressed deduction(seriously, that gets on my nerves). As you may have seen(If you haven't, I don't know what you have been reading up till now) I sometimes use my own terminology to get my point across such as: Concept spark= Ideas/themes that I have done a 1000 word expansion on to see how it could work. Depressed deduction= Having figured out something moderately important to the plot and then have it spelt out for you, taking away the fulfillment. In terms of a review, expect quite detailed feedback with no sugar coating.

So now before I get into just what I expect to find in a story, I feel I need to get interests I have out there: Manga, Video Games, Sports and Music

I'll get into manga first. Basically it goes like this, I love manga a lot as I'm sure the list will show you. I'm also very involved in the romance genre as the list will also show. Although there are a lot of manga on this list that have lately come into the spotlight because of anime adaptations and I'm happy they are getting support, I'm quite upset about the fact that hidden gems only a few loyal readers knew of are being thrown into the spotlight. So here's a challenge, for every manga you see that you have heard of, I want you to say out loud "Plus One" and for every one you have read say "Plus Two". And this list is going to be a long one with ratings out of 10 based off of MY opinion and an (O) for ongoing and a (C) for completed. These will have a note next to them about why or just how amazing it is. Note: Only manga I have finished or am up to date on are here.

Naruto(O)-7/10 Tastes have matured, don't fall for the hype

Bleach(O)-7.1/10 Read the one above this again

Katekyo Hitman Reborn(C)-8.2/10 A lot more original than the previous two in terms of the powers displayed

Death Note(C)-8.5/10

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion(C)-8.5/10 No matter how many times you ask me, I can't decide between this and Death Note

Highschool of the Dead(O? People who are reading it know what I mean)-7.1/10 Honestly I prefer my high-schools to be full of students but this is okay

Deadman Wonderland(C)-7.8/10 Tried too hard to make me pity/empathize with the main character

Aku no Hana(C)-8.3/10 When they put "Psychological" in the genre list, they weren't messing around

Freezing(O)-7.7/10 Look past how much fan-service there is, you're opinion will change

Air Gear(C)-7.9/10 Sweet concept, loved the races

Prince of Tennis(C)-8/10 If only tennis was actually this exciting

Psyren(C)-8.4/10 Awesome powers, awesome characters AND time travel done well

Veritas(C)- 8.9/10 This is the best manga I have seen that contains martial arts, just wow

Psycho Busters(C)-7.7/10

Ichigo 100%(C)-8.1/10 The first real schoolife romance manga I ever read, I owe it a lot

GE: Good Ending(C)-8.2/10 This is just an emotional roller-coaster

Unbalance x Unbalance(C)-7.6/10 TeacherxStudent? I'm down for that

Nisekoi(O)-7.5/10 Stop turning into harem and start turning into a romance

Aki Sora(Yes... That)(C)-6.8/10 Only redeeming factor was the parts towards the end, that's it

Uwakoi(O? Same problem as HSOTD)-6.5/10 Only realized the artist had also drawn "School Days" AFTER I had gotten too far in to drop it


Kimi no iru Machi(C)-8.4/10

Fuuka(O)-8.4/10 Same rating to all three of these because it is the same author, and set in the same "World" as each other

Phew that was long, the rest will be shorter. Now let's move onto video games. I take back what I said, this will most likely be the longest one. I guess I'll start by listing genres I like and then just list a few games and franchises that I particularly like a lot or have history with, whether its good or bad. Same challenge as before apllies but this time "Plus Two" is if you have played the games and "Plus Three" is if you have completed them(granted that some of these games technically never end).

Sports Games- If it has "EA" on it, then I've probably played it quite a bit

1st Person Shooters- Ugh, don't get me started on my hate for those

3rd Person Shooters- A little bit more tolerable but still not my favorite

MMOs- Okay, as much as I would love to sink time into those(no sarcasm), I just don't have that kind of time available

Fighiting Games- Tekken, Mortal Kombat and maybe Street Fighter but Soulcalibur is pushing it a bit(Anime Fighting games are a COMPLETELY different story though)

Platformers- Stuff like Mario and Sonic are alright

Turn Based RPGs- Pokémon, Etrian Odyssey, the Persona series

"Free Flow" RPGs- The "Tales of" franchise is a favorite

PC, Console or Handheld? Indifferent about PC gaming, Handheld has really taken off as of late but to be honest, I prefer sitting in front of a T.V with friends and family playing

Well that lasted way too long, well, that's how it goes.

Now onto what I expect from a story!

  1. Word count- I know the "quality trumps quantity" card is being played almost religiously as of late but if your average word count per chapter is less than 1500, then there is a chance I won't pick up your story(this only works if the story has at least 3 chapters at the time of me picking it up. The only reason why I have this is simple, I don't like short stories. And before anyone starts the "Well as if you can do any better!" rant that i've heard so regularly that I confuse it for a national anthem, my average word per chapter for my story being planned is 3500.
  2. Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation- It doesn't have to be perfect, I make mistakes on this front too. As long as I can read it without too much trouble then it should be fine.
  3. Characters/Character development- Characters being one of my main interests when reading a story I have one rule: No cardboard cutouts of cliches. If someone who appears is strictly(and I mean strictly) a side character then I don't mind if they are surface value, A character I'm going to see a lot thought? Yeah, there better be some depth.
  4. Plot- Although I really like advanced stories, it doesn't need to be the most plot twist-filled extravaganza to be honest. If you have one that can develop, progress and end then I don't mind, which nicely leads me onto the final point.
  5. The ending- This isn't a part of my point on plot because I consider this to be its own thing. I don't want to drag on with this one so i'll sum it up nice and easy: I don't care what you get me as a Christmas present as long as it is wrapped up in a nice bow. I would rather read the most lack luster story in existence with an ending that provides closure than an elaborate roller coaster that is open ended and leaves a bad after taste. I just want to quickly make myself clear on the open ended part. Not all open endings are good! When you have read/watched a lot of stories like I have, you learn to tell the difference between someone who has finished the plot of his story, ending it in a way so that it leaves people with questions which makes it more effective, for example "The Thing"(for real though that ending had me) and someone who can't bring a story to a close so cuts it off without an ending, for example "Prometheus". The reason why Prometheus is seen as a bad film isn't because it was directed badly or the acting wasn't good, its because only people who had watched the "Aliens" films would know what and what not to take from the ending. Some people may think this is to be expected since the movie was a prequel, but I watched every trailer they released for Prometheus before the cinema showings started and I realized something that annoyed me so much: "Only someone who had seen the "Aliens" films would know that this was a prequel to the series."

Okay so that turned into a rant, I do that sometimes. Oh and before I forget, I have this obsession with characteristics and personalities not just in fiction but in real life as well. I don't know why but the I am extremely interested in mental states during different times and how they link to certain emotions. How people react to the same things differently also intrigues me. This may seem like a mundane interest at first but it becomes so fulfilling, granted you actually take this far enough to start putting it to practice. I have recently just finished secondary school, but during my final year I got really good at it. When you're able to walk into a class, look around and know how every individual is going to act from which you can tell how another individual will respond to it before the lesson even starts, it makes things that are yet to happen funny when they do. Some people have said its "foresight" when its nothing that special at all, I look at it more like "paying attention" because that's all it is really.

Well that's about all you need to know in that department, I'm online a lot so don't be scared to pm since I will generally get back to you quickly.

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