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Hello to anyone who was bored enough to check out my profile! What's up? How are you? and if you read my fiction, THANK YOU, YOU LIL CUTIES!

Here are a few pointless facts about myself, just so you didn't waste your time viewing an empty profile. :P.

1. I have no aspirations to be an author or anything like that. Writing is my hobby, it relaxes me!. I have been writing since I was a wee tot! In fact, I started my fiction 'Discovery' when I was fifteen (I know that's not that young) and 4 years later I'm still not 100% on where I'm going with it. :PPPP

2. I love to write and I love gathering inspirations from others! (You guys are so creative! :D).

3. If you haven't already gathered from my pen name, I am a bigfoot hunter! so, if anyone has any leads, let me know! :D

P.S. If anyone could tell me how to do those line things in your chapters so you can leave an A/N underneath, feel free to tell me! I would be ever so grateful!(Isn't it weird how you spell great- G-r-e-a-t- and grateful- G-r-a-t-e-f-u-l? ahhh, English! hehe)

Anyway, If anyone decides to take the journey with me and Ember in 'Discovery' thanks for putting up with my many spelling errors I have yet to correct! you're awesome!

P.S.S- The cover photo I have chosen in no way belongs to me. It belongs to the amazingly, talented, artist Anna Dittman. I have chosen it only because the uncanny resemblance it has to my main character Ember. It's basically like she peered into my thoughts and painted the exact image of her, it's kinda creepy actually.

I am making no claims to it what-so-ever! all credit goes to the artist! please don't yell at me, it's just soooo beautiful!

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Mauve The Potato Girl reviews
Mauve is a scullery maid infatuated with Prince Tristan. Through a friendship with his personal guard, Thomas, Mauve learns everything there is to know about the Prince. When a position as cook opens up on a quest to the free-lands to stop some pesky trolls and rising tension, Thomas convinces her to come along with a promise that the Prince will be there. Mayhem ensues!
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After the war a new society arose from the ashes, built behind a wall the government keeps those protected by upholding strict laws that celebrate unity and hard work,and severely punishing those who seek to destroy such beliefs. Dway hadn't asked to be different. Now she lives a stranger among her own people, slowly losing her ability to tame her ever growing hunger for blood.
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