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hi so by seeing my pen name some of you might recognize it and yep it was oliver from 'to love a loser' written by the milk bottle!

i am just a frustrated silent reader before, why frustrated? simple, because the stories that i always read happen to be the best ones .. so you guys are probably thinking .. what is the downside of it? well THEY RE ALL UNFINISHED!! aye aye .. it was really depressing for my part. my emotions are being on a rollercoaster ride only to be disappointed in the end that there are no more railings to continue my fun ride, so i fall on my butt HARD.

at first my patience can still manage that horrible torture of those heartless authors who keep on breaking mine even more than a series of relationships i've been with in the past couple of years..but after stumbling into one of the best authors in this site..i had enough. and that author happened to be 'the milk bottle' .. i really love her stories as much as i hate her for not continuing them, i despise her to death. and i will ask harry potter to cast a dreadful curse in her very being and turn her into a frog. im serious.

just kidding, she didn't deserved that much hatred, i overreacted.

but really, her stories did moved me and the other sappy stories here in fictionpress..as mushy as it may sound..they touched my heart.

i am the guy who never falls, relationships for me are just for fun..for sexual satisfaction only. at first i think of my self as very blessed, i can avoid commitment and that emotional crap relationship can put you into..but after tons of reading here in fictionpress, realization hit me..

its not a blessing, its a curse..

i am incapable of love and i am missing out the best moments it can give you..the moments of dramas,happiness and..contentment.

yep, im miserable.

by the way i am bisexual and i am more into girls than guys because honestly, guys are more complicated to be with aside from the heated testosterone we always have .. i kind of get a little insecure with the guys i am dating especially if they are more attractive than me ..

i get jealous. nope, not in a quit-looking-at-my-boyfriend-way but rather its more of i get incredibly jealous with the attention they are getting.

yep, another thing to be miserable.

i am also a foilist or a fencer, one of the reason that i love "to love a loser" because they talked about fencing a bunch of times.

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