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Right, so this is the second time I've done this now. Once for FanFiction and now for FictionPress. Haha! So let's see if I can condense this down a bit.

So, I'm an twenty year old guy from Bedfordshire, England. More so a small town nobody seems to have heard of before. Even the people that live in my county, nobody seems to have heard of it.

Anyway, I got into writing through a girl I once met who now I don't talk to. We exchanged chapters from each others stories, had a laugh and so on. Then sadly we couldn't talk to each other anymore. But anyway, she inspired me to write and a great guy I met on FanFiction, after a lot of convincing, convinced me to put them up on here. There's no point arguing with him, so I just did it. ;) (You know who you are!) -_-

To save myself the hassle of posting each individual chapter one by one onto here, I'm going to cheat. I'm going to copy the link of each story of mine and post it right here. They're all on FanFiction, completed and readable and waiting for reviews. As of recently though I've decided to try and re-write them, the first one more then any because since I first started I've developed more and I know it can be done a whole lot better. So starting from the first series it shall be uploaded here.

My first set of stories are a series which I like to call the "Starnik Series". There are five all together and, one of which is only six chapters long because it was something I did to pass the time after I thought that I wasn't going to do another.

Another story I created and named "Born and Bred". Once again, completed and ready to be reviewed. I only recently added this story on here, I'd like to know what people reckon. (21/09/2015)

If you've already read them before you read this, then you'll notice they all feature wolves. This is because I am a bit of a wolf freak about the subject. NO, I'm not a furry, I'm just a guy who lives in a country without wolves and wants to be in a country that does. They're a species that need protecting and I dream of moving to Canada to study them.

So a little about my stories and the link. First, my Starnik Series:

1. Prophecy of the Starnik:

3000 years ago, humanity waged war against another species, to this day, that war still ensues, in both fiction and reality. This is a story of two unlikely species meeting and discovering not only do they possess foretold abilities, but that they have started and share a great destiny. But will they follow it?

2. Return of the Starnik:

Scott and Rosie share a great destiny to unite Humanity and Wolf Kind. As part of a great prophecy, they have been granted a set of abilities to help accomplish their future. They know their enemies, The Ditori, who are hell bent on killing every wolf on earth and the Starnik. But now they are on the opposite ends of the earth, without their powers. It's time to reunite the Starnik

3. Demons of the Starnik:

They share a great destiny, they found their extraordinary gifts. They separated, they reunited, bringing two more into the prophecy they share. They had their adventures, they fell in love. Now that they have taken the first steps to fulfilling the prophecy, what will Scott, Rosie, Lupa and Dakota do to keep their family safe after Scott receives visions of a dark future for them?

4. Children of the Starnik:

The Starnik are dead, but their heritage lives on. Two years after the death of the Starnik Myka's all grown up, unaware of her past and leading an ordinary life. But when she finds a strange place and reads an odd scripture which changes her life, she finds she's no ordinary wolf and it leads her to ask who she truly is and was there more to her family then she was led to believe?

5. A Twist in the Starnik's Past (the mini story):

Three months after the defeat of the Ditori there's a question on Myka's mind. "Why did her mother fall in love with a human?" So, Myka casts a spell with Lupa and Dakota, who wish to know that answer, but only for it to go horribly wrong. They are transported back in time seven years and lose their powers, so they must find a way back without revealing themselves to their parents.

6. Secrets of the Starnik:

The Starnik have a secret, one that was never written down. Our heroes can live their lives in peace. Life is perfect and the Ditori are gone. Or so they thought. When a young human girl turns up on their doorstep, they find she's not just any ordinary girl and it all relates to Scott. Add the horror already facing them, the Ditori strays are picking themselves up and regrouping.

7. Descendants of the Starnik:

The Starnik have left the world in the capable paws of the humans and wolves, one hundred years later, it has become what they wanted. The two species are in peace across the world, but not all is over. Jonah is a descendent of the Starnik, and when a twist of events threatens the Starnik bloodline and wolf kind once more, he must take the same action his ancestors once did.

These are my Starnik Series, which I hold very close to me. Yeah, they've been reviewed already, but I like to read more. So if you want to, review on FanFiction if you could. :)

The last was another that I lost touch with for a little while half way, not one of my personal favorites, but it's a story none the less, so I hope you give that a try as well. :)

I'm also a supernatural freak as well. So not only do I love wolves, but I love anything to do with the supernatural and paranormal. So what better then to write stories with supernatural humans AND wolves?! Hahaha.

I have other stories you may enjoy, because others say they did. But seeing as this isn't a FanFiction site, i won't advertise them. All my stories are under the Alpha and Omega category despite I've only seen the film once and found it ok. I haven't watched it in over a year so I was surprised by how much I remember of it. I'll finish here on a saying I came up with myself and used in my own story. Thanks. :D

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Three Thousand years ago, war began between the Humans and the Dire wolves, to this day this war ensues in both fiction and reality. This is a story about two unlikely beings who met through preordained circumstances, tasked with completing a prophecy of uniting their two species with specific gifts. Where it all started, this is the Prophecy of the Starnik.
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