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Hey Everyone! I'm SnowDrifts96, but you can just call me Snow.

I really appreciate any reviews you have to give my stories, because, like a lot of you, I'm here to practice my writing and become better in the long run.

Most of my stuff on FictionPress will be things I've worked on over the years and never really had any plans for, such as my first story, War. This was me inspired a few years ago by a quote that I had to look up for homework. I never really showed it to anybody, but I worked really hard on it, so I thought it would be a good start to this account.

Anyway, enough with business. X3

I live in the United States, in one of the most misunderstood cities in all the 50 states: Las Vegas, Nevada. I don't live in a Casino, nor do my family or friends. Trust me, you wouldn't believe how many people think that the Strip where all the Casinos are is Las Vegas. There are suburbs and schools and Colleges and restaurants; the whole She-bang. Really. I went to Reno once, and so many of the people, even from Reno (Which is just a mini version of Las Vegas), asked how I could concentrate on my school work in a Casino. I said, "Well, when your school and home isn't in a Casino, it helps, but let me tell you one thing: I can play a mean game of Poker."

Anyway... I'm lesbian; Don't like it, don't read. Period. End of Story. I don't want half my reviews to be about how I'm a horrible person for liking women and that I chose to be hated and that it's okay for someone like me to be murdered because I am "Unholy" (really?). I get enough of that from real people (Yes, real people).

Also, I like the Big Four. I know, I know, but I like to stick to Canon when I do Big Four writing. That means Rapunzel with Eugene and Hiccup with Astrid. None of this Jackunzel or Merricup stuff. I'm not doing Jelsa either, so don't pester me about it. They all have pretty great fanart, but uh... I don't think so. Generally I'll follow this. In my larger fiction (Under RoseofIce on, Fractal Soul, will have one, and only ONE, Non-canon pairing, and that will be between Hiccup and My OC, Tyra. I try to stick to canon as much as I can, and that's what makes a good fiction right? When you study your source material.

Anyway, that's me. Any questions, PM me. Have fun!

War reviews
In the late hours of night, two spirits must wage war to prevent their Keeper from falling into a deep depression that may cause death to all involved.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,437 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 7/2/2014 - Complete