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Well then.
What is this? I seem to be technologically impaired, my apologies.
Oh, if I have this correct, this is going to be about me, on my own little profile, hm?

I am Caitie, or Cat.
You may refer to me as female, male, pizza, or robot. Of course, I'm not a robot, or a pizza, but those are your only options besides female or male.
I am -insert some age-. I write because I enjoy doing so, despite the fact that I do not typically write, ever.
I currently have one story, entitled Anonymous Affiliations.
There are many spelling errors in it, but I am too lazy to get around to it immediately. I just posted it.
Perhaps I will leave it to itself for now? Who knows. I would have corrected any grammatical or spelling errors if I had posted it as a copy-n-paste story.
Maybe I should.
Who cares, though? The relevance level of that story and myself in personality is fairly low, we should leave that in the dust for a bit.
I enjoy reading, I would love to be a beta reader, but I doubt I will ever post five stories with 6,000 words in them, or whatever, so if you need a beta reader and don't care about that specific rule in a beta reader, please contact me if you'd like. I won't put you off unlike I have to my own story, I just feel that mine are for fun and so having them all perfect doesn't seem too necessary.
Ah, I enjoy food eating, like a normal living human. I have a Facebook that I talk to my lovelies on, and If you'd like to become well acquainted with me, or possibly, dare I say, a friend of mine, just ask for it. I also have a fascination with Homestuck, and I enjoy roleplaying it as well, which is another way to become acquainted with me. My Gigapause is
Which you can add me on if you'd like. I will most likely link others from Giga to my profile. Why? Because I love them and I want them to appreciate me for who I am.
Nah jk I love them but I just think it'd be nice to keep everyone in the know, in case they some how run into me on here and don't know it's me, I can be all like "Sup dawg this is Froggy, or Caiterpillar, or Caiterpillar Froggyfoot." and they can be like "Oh you're that dummy that posts those silly pesters on Giga! I hate that seriously stop." and all that jazz.
Now that we've sorted that shizzle out, feel free to shoot me a mizzle, and you can finally get the hizzle off of this crappy pizzle. Ya dig? Ya dig.

Anonymous Affiliations
Everyone deserves their chance to admit their faults, cherish their successes, and bask in what is, was, and will be for them. Some, many, don't get that opportunity. But, here you are, reading the summary of a story that allows you to do what they could not, if not for yourself, then for those who couldn't themselves. Perhaps you should give it a go, hm? May be worth your while.
Fiction: Biography - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,946 - Published: 6/5/2014