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Name: Yurobi
Species: Red Panda
Personality: Lazy, Clumsy, Devious, Sweet, Mischievous, and Wrongdoer
Favorite Song: "Oh My Little Baby Boy" by Babe
Interests: Computers and games, junk food, soda pop, cartoons, anime, video games, 90's PBS Kids, KET, etc.
Current Favorite Cartoon Character: Waylon J. Smithers, Jr. (from The Simpsons)
Personal Quote: Necrozma's Power Knows No Limits!

Howdy, peeps! I'm Yurobi! I am a 29-year old cartoonist whose signature mascot is a small fairy with antennas and wings named Ginara, well as myself as a red panda. I'm known to some people as Super-Smash-Pal on DeviantART and CrystalGenerations on FurAffinity.

I'm am a red panda who was diagnosed with autism, iron-deficiency anemia, psoriasis, misophonia, rashes, and more diseases and I currently have mental disorders whenever I grew up, especially when I was a old teenager or an adult. I'm very clumsy sometimes, as I never get to pay attention when I ignored orders from my mother. I am known to have a signature project, called "Pixieland" and "Yurobi & Pals".

I love most of the proud existing cartoon, anime and video game series, because I love their graphic style. I also remember the KET Kids bumpers that I saw on PBS since I was little, as well as the nice childhood trip to Harlan's Long John Silvers, but it's long gone now and now I like Hazard's Long John Silvers.

Someday, I'll wanted to be alone with an assistant so we can be in peace...


"Don't eat pigs! Don't eat bats! Don't eat beetles, flies or gnats! Stay away from all of that! A Message from the Lord!"
"I'd buy that for a dollar!"
"Don't let the mean kids get into the school for good children."
"I've got Skittles! Wanna taste the rainbow?"
"Aah, plumbers! They're nice in video games!"
"I've understand that people tried to drink a 'YaggerMaster' (J├Ągermeister)!"
"Please call me Dr. Donchano, don't cha know?"
"What did the snowman say to a bunch of fungi on the sled? Answer: MUSH-room!"
"Isn't picking at the boo-boos are an idea from you?"
"Shalalalala! Don't be scared! You've got the mood prepared, go on and kiss the girl!"
"Not all the cars look like my dad's car!"
"Watch out for the Trollface!"

Don't put cats! Don't put dogs!

Yuck! Spinach?! How did it get HERE!?

Gee! What a giant ending!

(='.'=)This is Bunny.
(")_(") Copy and paste Bunny into your profile to help him gain world domination. Super Smash Pal