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NOTICE: Unsatisfied with the current timeline I had for Utapri, I had to retcon it back to square one and already made storyboard for it so I can make it into one whole novel instead of unorganized one shots. I will still keep the one shots intact and claim them as beta versions, since most, if not all, elements will still be implemented in the final product. Stay tuned. And yes, I'll cross-post it in Fanfiction this time!

This is my official FictionPress account. Here is my FanFiction account, named rustyfeed.

Banana Sins. A friend of mine suggested this new name.

Will spam this account with crackfics, shameless Ranmaru x OC and others.

Avatar Credit is an edited Awakening Anna to represent my OC Ace Thompson

Original Character Bio (since we all need that posted somewhere):

The Original Multi-versed Folks, originally from various franchise but now traversed into various different fandom that they're officially linking it all together:

Ace Thompson

Jennifer Grace Thompson-Kaplan is known for a lot of things, especially with her trademark alias, "Ace Thompson". She is a woman filled with bizarre energy and never fails to impress her peers or make them plant their hands on their faces due to her unusual idiocity for a grown-ass woman. Her origin is completely unknown as prior to 2003, there were rumors that she used to work with a company called Umbrella, who had its downfall in 2004, and was involved in the shutting down of the Red Queen in the Hive, a secret underground in Raccoon City. Any information regarding her life before 2004 where unknown, and the only reliable source was coming from her own mouth. Her strangeness made some people wonder if she was used as some kind of lab rat... but considering her unwavering noble and just nature, everyone paid no mind on where she came from or who she truly was.

Weight: 56 Kg

Blood Type: A

Birthday: September 22

Star Sign: Virgo

Hobby: Experimenting various variables, certified match maker, Playing Video Games, multi-universe traveler

From: New Jersey

Richard Alan Kaplan

Richard Kaplan is known as Chad Kaplan, but ever since naming his child with his nickname, he resorted on using his full name instead. Richard admits on being associated with Umbrella before, but he was just a a normal computer engineer; he had no access on the classified field, then was later sent on the field mission as support. The incident with The Hive almost caused him his life, but thankfully he and the others barely managed to escape and evade Umbrella's tracks. He was later involved in the Raccoon City outbreak with Ark Thompson, where they teamed up with fellow survivors in the bar to escape the city and fight against the undead. After hearing Umbrella's fall he married his childhood friend and partner Jennifer Thompson and pursued a career of being a musical actor as this was where he belong as a Kaplan in his family. His life became normal and quiet since then, but it will be disturb whenever Jennifer has some kind of experimental scheme she had to do.

Weight: 64 Kg

Blood Type: O

Birthday: September 22

Star Sign: Virgo

Hobby: Watching musical plays, tinkering with the technologies

From: New Jersey

Chad Kaplan

Chad Kaplan is the son of Jennifer and Richard Kaplan. He was very similar to his father in terms of physical appearance, but his cool, calm demeanor came from his mother. Chad is very aloof and stern, and isn't amused on the shenanigans of his family. Despite his unfazed nature, he was vulnerable when it comes to sex. He was thankfully not used as a lab tester of his mother's strange creations, and isn't a part of her mother's Match Making team. Despite being the most sane in the family, he loves them all dearly and will do anything to honor them and protect them at harm. He's currently married with Athena Phoenix after realizing his feelings for her, and didn't gave a second thought on asking his best friend's hand in marriage without a proper date. He'd pursued of being a college professor in creative writing, but soon retired to follow his father's footsteps on being a musical actor.

Weight: 61 Kg

Blood Type: O

Birthday: November 30

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Hobby: Reading Novels, practicing his musical plays

From: New Jersey

Rita Kaplan

Rita Kaplan goes by "Rita Ryder" due to her loved for racing vehicles. She's the strange younger sister of Chad Kaplan, and like her brother, has similar physical traits from his father. All was not lost for Mama Kaplan, as her sharp eyes were inherited by her daughter. Rita is the complete opposite of Chad: she's more laid-back and prone on pulling pranks on her friends. Mischievousness is her second nature, but she doesn't do it out of pure malice. The only person she can never beat on being the best troll on the house is her own mother, as she had a long way to go on having the wisdom her mother acquired over the years. Rita is the most affectionate out of all the Kaplans; she gives out hugs and handshakes like there's no tomorrow, but in some cases, twisted with her sense of humor. A lot of people thought she was unemployed and the spoiled brat who can't even be independent and reliable, but Rita is actually running a reality show and milking money out of it.

Weight: 53 Kg

Blood Type: A

Birthday: April 9

Star Sign: Aries

Hobby: Hosting Reality TV Shows, Driving, Making fun of people

From: New Jersey

Daniella Elke Pavlov

Born from Europe, life used to be simple for her. Spend most of her time inside her quarters, bask in the cheers of her people, and then live her life as a pampered princess. She was a timid and soft individual, and mostly relied on her relatives to do the speaking for her. When she hits eighteen, she was quickly arranged to marry a fine prince. She'd lost him from a war. Her parents quickly remarried her to someone else twice, but the relationship was a failure. They blamed the princes for the downfall, and Elke thought the fine gentlemen were at fault and not hers. When she encountered being in danger, she soon realized that the bonds she had built from everyone were a fabric of imitation and lies--that was what her loyal vassal had admitted to her. She didn't believed it at first, but she soon realized her loyal vassal was right. When Elke needed help, no one responded but her. When she finally had a chance to be more independent, and was permitted to travel outside her kingdom, Elke will finally have her taste of freedom... for a price.

Weight: Unknown (Princesses never weights themselves, she says)

Blood Type: B

Birthday: March 14

Star Sign: Pisces

Hobby: Writing her thoughts, Exploring

From: Kingdom of Aqisea, Volovo

Athena Phoenix

Athena Phoenix is the only daughter of Athena Asamiya and Aster Phoenix. The older Athena was influenced by Richard naming his own son by his nickname, and since Aster refused to name their daughter a silly nickname of Thena, they decided to call her Athena instead, without the suffix of a junior. Athena was the mixed combination of her parents; she possessed her mother's physical traits and her father's personality traits. She's prone to be wary and cautious at all times, but she is known to be friendly and reliable. She took a career that leads her on becoming a Director on films, but before that, she'd become a Physical Education instructor on high school. Three years on working as a Director, she was scouted by Shining Saotome in becoming an instructor on his school, Saotome Academy.

Weight: 54 Kg

Blood Type: B

Birthday: February 14

Star Sign: Aquarius

Hobby: Shopping for props, Trying out various fashion trends

From: Tokyo

Elza Walker:

Elza Walker is a popular motorsport racer, prior to the Raccoon City outbreak. Donning her racing suit, she visited the Raccoon City University just to see how it was going through after graduating, unbeknownst to the horrors ahead. She was found by Raccoon Survivors figuring out the password on the computer to make the elevator work, then later joined their party. She'll soon realize that the university she knew at the back of her hand was still foreign at the deepest, dark secrets it had hidden from the public. She stuck close with Ark Thompson as she found him the most composed and the most attractive, and together they managed to buy the others ample time to deliver the final blow on Thanatos, the Tyrant that prevent them from making the escape helicopter land and fly them away to safety. Recovering from the nightmare, she married Ark and decided to pursue a career of Mechanical Engineering due to her tomboyish background.

Weight: 52 Kg

Blood Type: O

Birthday: March 26

Star Sign: Aries

Hobby: Repairing, Racing

From: California

Uta no Prince Sama:

Soramaru Hoshizora

Soramaru Hoshizora is a professional actress from Shining Agency who's well-known for her sweet, upbeat, but strict persona. When she removes one of her pigtail, she dons a different personality altogether: a jaded, cynical woman who spews sarcastic snarks unless she's with someone she's comfortable with. Despite that, she cares for improvement of everyone so she pushes them to their limits, though she ended up being seen as an enemy for others. Behind luxury and fame masks her true nature: a sensitive loner who craves for someone who will stick by her side no matter what, but doesn't pursue any relationships thanks to her past experiences. She possess a jack-of-all-trades skills thanks to her hunger for learning. Being an actress helps her fulfill his father's last words, which was to spread happiness to everyone.

Weight: Unknown (she hated the fact that her last measurement placed her in the featherweight category, so she never measures herself again)

Blood Type: A

Birthday: June 25

Star Sign: Cancer

Hobby: Acting, Dancing, Taking care of QUARTET NIGHT

Instrument: Electric Guitar

From: Unknown (She doesn't want to reveal her birthplace)

Nanjou Koizumi

Weight: 65 Kg

Blood Type: A

Birthday: January 21

Star Sign: Aquarius

Hobby: Modelling, Cosplaying

Instrument: Electric Guitar

From: Numazu

Nanaka Nishikino

Weight: 57 Kg

Blood Type: B


Star Sign:

Hobby: Modelling, Filming Adult Videos,

Instrument: Drums

From: Numazu

Kanade ???

Birthday: July 6

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