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NOTICE: God, I hate real life priorities. No tweaking had been done last week. I will now start tweaking all entries in order to polish it and add some fun miscellaneous stuff some people may enjoy learning.

This is my official FictionPress account. Here is my FanFiction account, named AAHB.

Banana Sins. A friend of mine suggested this new name.

Will spam this account with crackfics, shameless Ranmaru x OC and others.

Avatar Credit is an edited Awakening Anna to represent my OC Ace Thompson

Regarding my Ranmaru X Soramaru stories...

Instead of actually writing a novel about them, I decided to post one shots instead. That way, I can write down one scene and not worry about the flow of the whole story. I'm more comfortable writing one shots than lengthy stories (Fanfiction work is a proof of that), and with me being able to write lengthy stories without much problem now, I'll stick with snippets of shots instead.

...Also, I can separate my shameless smut and pretend they're extra fanservice. Some of the smuts are canon, though.

Soon there will be a list of canon entries for Ranmaru X Soramaru, which sadly excludes the intimate moments, so if you want to see the whole novel without getting confused, I'll pile them for you as I add more.

Though Darkness May Ease Me > Serendipity Chapter 2 > In This Unstable World, A Bright Road Is Ahead > Alone and Sick No More

Original Character Bio (since we all need that posted somewhere):

Soramaru Hoshizora

Soramaru Hoshizora is a professional actress from Saotome company who's well-known for her sweet, upbeat, but strict persona. When she removes her pigtail clip she dons a different personality altogether: a jaded, cynical woman who looks down on others until they proved their worth. Despite that, she cares for improvement of everyone so she pushes them to their limit, though she ended up being seen as an enemy for others. Behind luxury and fame masks her true nature: a sensitive loner who craves for company, but doesn't pursue it thanks to her past experiences. She possess a jack-of-all-trades skills that she can almost do things in a decent pace. Being an actress helps her fulfill his father's last words, which was to spread happiness to everyone.

Spoilers: She never considers Ranmaru as anything special, but he did piqued her interests due to his persistence on hanging out with her. In due time, she learned to accept that her two personalities she show to everyone are part of who she is, so even if she never dons her signature pigtail clip, she can still retain her sweetness as long as she has a high social link on that person.

Height: 168 cm

Weight: Unknown (she hated the fact that she's a featherweight and her prediction didn't come true)

Blood Type: A

Birthday: June 25

Star Sign: Cancer

Hobby: Acting, Dancing, Practicing various hobbies

Instrument: Bass Guitar (live), Acoustic Guitar (hobby)

From: Unknown (She doesn't want to reveal her location)

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