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Welcome, anybody who has stumbled across my profile. I assume it's a story of mine that you took an interest in that brought you here, so I should say thanks for bothering to read it. Either that or I did enough activity to be noticed, in which case I probably really liked your story so I should say thanks for writing it.

Recently (as of 9/2/17) I've done some cleaning house and deleted all of my original stories since I posted them when I was a younger and much worse writer and I don't want them available to read on the internet anymore. I'm not sure if I'll ever really post much on this account but I like reading all of the stuff on fictionpress when I remember this website exists in the first place. It's also a more convenient place than tumblr for posting original works.

If you want to, feel free to PM me about anything you need to. The "within reason" is implied. I take prompts but I know this website isn't the exact place for them. I do take them though. However, I reserve the right to say no to any prompts sent my way.

Thank you for reading. Please have a fantastic rest of your day.