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'In the bleak, winding abyss of life, one must search endlessly for that one grain of gold, that one grilled cheese sandwich in the dumpster of reality. One must savor the sandwich, for to not do so would be to deny the little things, the only true happiness in our earthly dumpster. When it rains, one must shelter oneself and protect the sandwich, lest it become soggy. When it chills, one must cuddle for warmth and partake in the sandwich, lest one go hungry come winter and starve. In this bleak world, one must delight in the sandwich, for one may never know when that speck of gold might come again.'

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A Tale of Dust and Memory

In a world of dust and memory lived a single being among the storm, walking through it without a Purpose or a desire. Her name was Elle Silver.

Involving several characters whose existences are intertwined in fate, history and Purpose, this piece details how a hero finds the opportunity to recover from a cataclysmic failure that ended her world. Doomed to wander the dusts for all time, Elle Silver, the last Protomeckian, rediscovers the humans she tried to save centuries ago and unravels the primal and mysterious natures they possess. A tale of honor, power, love and betrayal, A Tale of Dust and Memory explores the deep vestiges of the human psyche, entwining villainy and virtue in a web as complex as the human mind.

Veile, Segment Two: The After

"I'd always been concerned with one thought, one resounding play of words: My life has no purpose. For some, this would be the phrase they speak following Hell. For me, and the others I knew, it lost all meaning when the world ended."

Veile, Segment Three: Years Later

"Years can pass in the span of mere minutes, I've come to understand. Years later than the Old Goat and the Old Lass, years later than my depression and my rage, it occurred. Years later, I awakened."


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A tiny story, little more than a glimpse into another world, of a ruthless mentor and a determined student.
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I remain a slave to the other, but it does not want to let me out.
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