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8th grade was promised to be a year full of writing. I didn't think we did that much writing until I started putting my portfolio together.

Looking back on these works, I recognize some from what feels like ages ago. I see some writing that after a mere school-year later, I know that I can do better than.

These works represent my 8th grade year at T.H.I.S. Somehow, it feels like a gift the school has given me and also like a gift that I gave myself. I know that I will treasure these writings as well as I will treasure my memories here.

2013-2014 has been a successful year in writing for me. I finished another journal. I published more of my works. I'd say that was mediocre any other year, but this year I also finished writing a novel, which is something that I never thought I would find the motivation or time for.

I've received an award in WSC for my writing, which is a subject that I have only been able to score an honorable mention in during the previous years.

These are all signs that my writing, like my person, has developed.

This year was a long and eventful year. It was a year that I tried to make last longer, because it is my last year here. At times, I did wish that it would pass faster, because of the workload and stress that I somehow piled onto myself.

I survived.

Next year, however, is going to be a different story. I feel like "My Path to Now" really is only my path to now. After I move away, there is so much that I will need to adjust to. Will I emerge a different person? I hope not.

Between adjusting to a new school and an environment that is "familiar", I think that I want to keep writing. I have many, many ideas that I have not yet put on paper. I have a story that I started in the 7th grade and is only half-finished. I would like to complete it. I've worked on it for too long, I can't give it up.

Looking ahead of me, I see myself as a stranger in the country I held on to so dearly. But I also see someone who is confident. Confident enough to have declared that she would handle it just fine--even though she dislikes change, even though she has a strong fear of the unknown.

Talking about my personal growth is important whenever considering my growth in writing because my emotional maturity directly affects my voice.

I will keep writing. I can't bear to stop.

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