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Name: Marty

Age: 23

Occupation: Employment seeker

College graduate of Truman State University. Major - Psychology ; Minor - Justice Systems

Cons I Attend (usually): Anime STL (for info go to ) and Natsucon in STL. ( ). I always have an artist table. I go by Foxfire Art Studios.

Other Projects That Distract Me: Random original stories, fanfiction, sculpey figures and figurines, cross-stitch stuff, and my webcomic.

The Webcomic - I've had this idea prancing about in my head for about three years and it wasn't until I went to Mookie's panel on writing unique heroes and memorable villains that I got new inspiration for it. I got addicted to webcomics at least five or six years ago (maybe more) and I've wanted to do one of my own for just as long. I have a joke webcomic that I play with, but it's more for fun and comedy than story. Something to play with. However, this one that I'm working on has what I want. A real story line. I've been working on the ideas, creating a timeline of events for the scripts, and I've started to flesh out the characters. I plan to do scripts and layouts before I draw them, too. My drawing skills aren't the best, but I want to do this myself and I feel it's the only way I can tell this story. Besides, I don't really play well with others when it comes to collaboration. I'm a control freak when it comes to my creative work. Anyway, I'm excited about this project and my goal is to have a site up and running in a couple years or so

Now a word from our sponsers:

The Cardboard Box: Summer home of champions. New locations in down town Tokyo and alleyways all over Kansas City. From the inventors of the Special Skillet Collection and The Guard Llama. XD Beware the Llamas and skillets!

~Stories~ Updated: 12-12-10

I will not post any new stories nor will I update my old ones. The Guardians story as well as Project: Memoria are starting to be considered as webcomic possibilities rather than prose because I'd much rather tell those stories with visuals. Also, I just can't associate with them as prose anymore. The Guardians story has too much association with part of my past that I'd rather forget (for the most part) and Project: Memoria is also connected to that past because I was inspired by a fanfic one of my friends wrote. We're still friends, albeit rather awkward ones I think (it is for me at least, but awkward friendship is better than losing contact in my book). However, in a weird way this has tainted these two stories. In their current form, I am always reminded of things I'd rather not think about. Revamping them and changing the storytelling medium from prose to visual has severed some of that feeling. I want to make them mine again and keeping them the way they were wasn't going to let me do that. I'm leaving the first chapters on this site to garner interest, but their finished form (whenever that comes) will be very different.

Raven and Ceres aren't very talkative anyway. In my head, they're lazing about, drinking tea, and watching Shinzui chatter away to my writing persona. XD

~Current Status~ Updated: 12-12-10

Original works are fickle creatures. I have dozens of ideas that I've played with, but nothing's really worked out. The only original thing I'm sticking to is my webcomic. I should think of it as though I were participating in NaNoWriMo. Just write and quit being so self-conscious. Meh, for now I'm working on a rewrite of my Aoitsuki Yurai fanfic. If I get inspiration for an original story, then I'll write that, too. I have some really good ideas that I adore. In the past year some new characters have walked into my head and I like what they've told me so far. I just wish they wouldn't clam up so often. Then again, right now, Shinzui's voice is the loudest, so I continue with my YYH fanfic.

I continue to gain new ideas from my dreams and various other areas of inspiration, but for the most part, nothing's pushed it's way forward... Then again, I've become a bit more cautious about posting original stories on this site, especially ones I might want to publish someday. There's really nothing that can stop someone from copying my work (not that I'd understand why considering I'm still very much an amateur writer and no publisher would have me) from this site, except integrity and honor, which I tend to believe many people lack (what? I have trust issues). Meh, we'll see how things go. Right now most of my creative energy is going to fanfics and my webcomic. The rest of my energy is being spent on well...real life. I've moved home from college, been through a medical circus, and I'm in the process of completely changing my lifestyle because of the diagnosis (the gist of it is that I have a fatty liver. Stage 1, only serious if I ignore it, which I don't plan to do). Besides, I've started to realize that if I'm going to get serious about an original work...It's going to be something I want to actually publish, so it won't be on here.

This page will most likely become strictly for things I don't plan to publish and just want to share with others. That doesn't mean I'm any less protective of them...I just don't plan to try to make money with 'em. XD I'm passing out of the college student phase of just wanting to get through classes and into the phase of a college graduate looking for work. I love this site, but it's not all that useful anymore.

Sorry about the bloggy nature of this profile. I wanted to put this here just incase there's that one person...or maybe two, who actually pay attention to this profile. I doubt it, but who knows.

Catch ya' on the flipside, mates!

~Marty / Shin / SoLuKo~

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