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(Welcome to my page)

I love the fact there are sites which are dedicated to writing. It's one of the most diverse creative outlets, I reckon, and not only can you write your own pieces on here but you can access every genre and style of writing imaginable, too. Which, as an avid reader, I love.

Seeing so many different stories and getting an insight into the author through their unique work really fascinates me, as you can tell a lot from a person by how they write.

While I'm on this site I want to try to read and explore as many different types of stories as I can, so if you're active on here you will likely get a review from me at some point (feel free to message me with stories you think I may enjoy and I'll probably have a nosey).

My main interests are sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction... any of that will likely float my boat so if you're working on a story in that category and fancy a passionate reader, send them my way ;) as I just love reading.

For myself I'm currently working on two stories, Bastet's Patron Queen and The Republic.

Bastet's Patron Queen is about one of my favourite historical figures, Nefertari, and her life as she grows up in the court of Seti I before becoming Ramesses' Chief Wife. It is inspired partially by Michelle Moran's work, The Heretic Queen, but I will be taking my piece in a slightly different direction. I hope you'll come along with me on this ride as I have some great expectations for this story.

The second piece I am working on is slightly darker. It is called The Republic and the idea behind it is that there is a society based upon what they believe to be the teachings of Plato (taken from Politeia, or The Republic) but we find out that his teachings have actually been twisted by the formidable "Guardian" class who rewrote the system of governance which Plato set forward to ensure their dominance.
The main character of this piece is the daughter of a man who was put to death for challenging this system, we meet her as an old lady giving an account of her life to take responsibility for all the wrong things she has done before death claims her. She is set to be a sympathetic anti-heroine, I am very much looking forward to writing her.

These are the pieces I am involved in at this time, I'm interested to know of anything you're involved in as I would like to think this will be like entering a community of people with imaginations as vast and vivid as mine, something I'm excited for.
I would love to step into the worlds you create, and humbly invite you to step into mine.

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The Republic reviews
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